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WWE Superstars Results and Reactions from September 5: Classic rock

If Mr. Superstars returns, but he's calling himself something else and has a new belt, is he still Mr. Superstars? We'll tackle that issue, and ask why R-Truth still has a job, in this Results and Reactions for the latest edition of the streaming B-Show.

Somebody call TMB - I know how he loves a good self-rapped intro.

R-Truth defeats Drew McIntyre

in approximately seven and a half minutes via pinfall

  • 3MB are getting to be regulars - the house band of Superstars, if you will - and that's just fine with me. They refuse to get out of the ring until they have finished their hand gesturing show of unity, and even then, Heath Slater mouths off to the referee his entire way down to the floor.
  • There are many arm drag takedowns. Once, I even think an arm drag counter was countered into an arm drag. Tony Dawson and Alex Riley gossip about Total Divas almost non-stop. Truth hits a hurricanrana.
  • The break just sort of happens, and when we return Drew is in charge. But only for a moment, because the Suntanned Superman grabs the ropes, does his "jiggy-jiggy" dance and drops a leg for a two count. Jinder Mahal distracts Truth, allowing McIntyre to connect from the top with a boot to the face. A suplex and an interesting look running kick where the Chosen One also takes a back bump after connecting both earn him nearfalls.
  • At one point, Truth is hung up in the ropes following a choke by the Scot and Heath Slater punches him in the jaw and the runs around celebrating like Rocky Balboa. It is glorious.
  • There's some slow down heeling, then the face comes back when he gets his feet up for a second rope axe handle from Drew. After a scissor kick nets two, Heath jumps on the apron to interfere but gets leveled by lil Jimmy's bestie. Jinder is then hindered when Truth dodges a charging McIntyre, and it's all over when R connects with a Lie Detector.
  • Match Footage below via's Official YouTube Channel:

    Stephanie talking to "her giant" from the beginning of Raw is replayed.

    Curtis Axel defeats Kofi Kingston

    in approximately eight minutes via pinfall

  • I could have sworn I'd seen this match about 37 times on Superstars in 2012, but I can't find any record of Axel vs. Kingston online. Must be someone who looks like one of them.
  • A grappling stalemate ends when Kofi dropkicks Curtis, who rolls out to consult with his manager. The advantage of having Paul Heyman in his corner is the story of this match, and the Intercontinental champion's character at this point, too. Axel grabs the high flier's leg immediately, and will return to it throughout the match - on Heyman's counsel, per A-Ry.
  • Dawson sort of blubs out that this is a non-title match-up. Amazing that it doesn't predict the outcome, and that he can get a word in edgewise over Riley talking about what a stud he was at Boston College. He and Kofi played pick-up ball there, when Alex wasn't busy being BMOC. The announcers do discuss the fact that Kingston travels with CM Punk and that their good friends as a way to tie this match into the upcoming Night of Champions that's kayfabe now, I guess.
  • Kofi dodges a clothesline but gets clubbed in the back of the head with a lariat. This is a combo that Riley says Axel does often - I haven't noticed it, but it's a smart tactic/story point for a match. He shows a nifty bit of defense to when he backs away from a drop kick attempt with which the Ghanaian tries to start a comeback. Maybe he should just be a road agent and help guys construct matches.
  • Elbow drop, backbreaker and a successful second rope axe handle almost ends it (all while Paul E screams "you are better than CM Punk" from ringside). Axel returns to his left-right clothesline combination, but Kofi ducks under it this time and connects with a drop kick to begin his finishing sequence. After the Boom Drop, Perfect Jr. dodges a charge but gets caught by a crossbody for two. Axel returns to the leg, but The Wildcat busts out the S.O.S. for the first time in I can't remember how long. Surprisingly, that doesn't finish off Curtis, either.
  • The end does come when Kingston tries to slip through the ropes and hit a head kick, but the IC champ catches his leg and clubs him across the knee. Axel pulls him back in for a McGillicutter and we're out.
  • Match Footage below via's Official YouTube Channel:

    They show us the end of Monday's show again. Not a whole lot of the match, but all (and I do me aallll) of the soap operatics and crying and whatnot.

    The usual solid Axel vs. Kingston match might do more for you if you haven't seen it a bunch. 3MB's antics are always appreciated, but the opener was kind of sloppy. And I didn't really want to see more of Big Show's work from Raw.

    I'll give it a C-. If you're hungry for some WWE wrestling and don't mind fast forwarding, it's okay, but you're not going to remember much of it once it's over. Or if you just love it when Show emotes, don't own a DVR and can't wait for tonight's recaps.

    Anybody else want to chime in?

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