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Preview for the September 30, 2013 episode of WWE Raw: Family feud

Catch up on recent events, find out what's being hyped for tonight and read some thoughts on McMahons - past and present. Then join in a discussion about it all...right here in this week's 'Raw' preview!

Previously on Raw

Chief Operating Officer (COO) HHH and his wife Stephanie understand why the ten men who assisted Daniel Bryan the week before are so "fustrated". It's not his two-faced, passive-aggressive management style, it's those Shield boys he's been complaining about since he was still a babyface authority figure. To show that he feels their "fustration" he offers them an 11 on 3 handicap match. Although, he was a little concerned about whether or not they would be able to count on their 11th - DB himself.

That match wouldn't happen until a bunch of them also had solo matches, though (told you that Aitch was tricky). Kofi Kingston was tapped by World Heavyweight Champion (WHC) Alberto Del Rio. The Primetime Players were served up to Bray Wyatt's family in tag action.

At least Rob Van Dam can blame the Universe and that damn WWE App for the beating he took at the hands of the increasingly unhinged Randy Orton.

While we're on the subject of instability, CM Punk came out to address his generally crappy year, especially his most recent pay-per-view (PPV) Paul Heyman, of all people. The scooter-bound manager reacted much like the people of Detroit or any of the other Norris Division cities probably did, and called the Second City Saint a red-sweatered whiner. Then he lured Punk into a mugging by his newest associate, Ryback.

AJ Lee had a backstage segment which launched a thousand fanfics, but came up on the losing end of a ten-Diva tag match. I don't think any stories were written about it (or, I don't want to read them if there were), but many fans were made happy when Miz TV ended with a knockout punch from Big Show.

Finally, if you didn't like the half hour or so, you should probably stop watching pro wrestling. Bryan spit fire at his Battleground opponent, the Rhodes boys jumped the Hounds of Justice and fourteen men busted their asses in the ring for our enjoyment. When all was said and done, Roman Reigns had Speared a bunch of fools, but lone survivor Seth Rollins was done in by the forces of good represented by The Beard, Dolph Ziggler and Jimmy & Jey Uso.


LIVE from Biloxi - hopefully no one gets thrown in the Gulf. Or gets the blues.

The big story is that the COO has extended an invitation to the Rhodes for tonight. And, despite how the last few invitations and business propositions have worked out for them, they've accepted.

Creative has been showing more signs of taking risks with gimmicks such as Damien Sandow, Bray Wyatt and Fandango. Tonight we'll see the debut of another when the Colón cousins come back to WWE as Los Matadores. Will the characters kill or be killed in a different kind of ring?

Randy Orton has been showing more and more of his dangerous side in the weeks since losing the WWE championship, and the unconditional support of his bosses. After laying waste to Miz and RVD, could Daniel Bryan be next?

How much lower can Big Show stoop? Is there anything CM Punk and Paul Heyman won't do to destroy and/or demean the other?

Will there be anything even remotely resembling War Games at Battleground? We gots to know!

Expect to pop for:

Stephanie McMahon. Boss lady needed a couple of weeks to get her sea legs back. It shouldn't have been that much of a surprise, considering how long she had been away from the microphone (in a non-"shoot", public relations capacity, anyway).

But somewhere around the second week of The Big Show saga, and certainly by the time she delivered the final dagger to Goldust on his way out the door after losing to Orton with his baby half-brother's job on the line, the Billion Dollar Princess has been working it. While her husband has walked a fine line of not being overtly evil - always having a justification for his actions, seeming just a little bit bummed to fire or punish someone - Steph has done everything short of cackling and twisting her moustache.

I'm still not a huge fan of the corner they've painted themselves into with Show; I don't see anyway out of it but to turn him heel at the end of it, because he's been painted as this guy who can knock people out through his tears. But I'm even willing to cut that some slack, seeing as how that was the angle that brought, as Elton John might say, the Bitch back.

The heat is on:

Vince McMahon. A rumor went around the interwebs last Monday that the Boss was going to return to our TV screens with the September 23rd Raw. When yet another solid-to-great episode of the Monday staple had wrapped without Mr. M having strutted down the ramp, there wasn't so much as a whimper from the masses as we savored another night of watching Daniel Bryan wrestle his way out of HHH's latest trap.

What does it mean that we can enjoy pro wrestling sports entertainment without the malevolent presence of the Chairman of the Board? It doesn't diminish his status as one of the greatest heels of all time, but what must it do to Vince's ego?

And what of the reputation of that ego? In the "Reality" Era, where we all believe that we know the men and women backstage, who'd burying who and why - what are we to make of the fact that Vince hasn't shoehorned himself into the hot angle, or booked himself on television to save the flagging ratings? Wouldn't the Vincent Kennedy McMahon that we've been bemoaning for so long have done something like that by now?

Are we going to have to admit that Mr. McMahon actually knows what' for business?

Another PPV is already upon. WWE has been firing on all cylinders. Is it enough to get you to buy a second show in three week? Is there anything Raw has to do tonight to convince you?

Get yourself warmed up by talking up the Rhodes, the McMahons, the Bryans or whatever family unit you'd like to in the comments below. Stick around as CSS brings you all the news all day long, and join the live blog crew tonight for Monday Night Raw!

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