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WWE Night of Champions match card preview: The Shield vs. ?????

Tag champs, United States champ, enforcers of the regime and go to guys for a match with anyone. What can't The Shield do? Probably lose the tag team belts at Night of Champions...but who isn't excited to watch them go against whoever emerges from tag team turmoil anyway?

Tag Team Championship

Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins of The Shield (c) vs. ?????

Their undefeated streak may be over, but their title reigns are over one hundred days long and counting. Another tag team will pull double duty to face Reigns and Rollins for the tag belts. How much work will HHH's enforcers be called on to do at Night of Champions?

The Road to Night of Champions

For guys who work all the time, The Shield haven't exactly been fighting champions. When the head to the ring in Detroit tomorrow night (Sept. 15th) it will only be their fourth defense of the tag team championship, and their first since defeating potential challengers The Usos at Money in the Bank - more than two months ago.

The Hounds of Justice certainly haven't been couch potatoes, though. Despite rumors of being in trouble with management for a variety of backstage transgressions, the trio emerged from SummerSlam as the hand-picked strike force of new über-villain HHH. Their new high-profile position has placed them front and center on Raw and in more main event matches than ever - which is saying something for a group that debuted and has never faltered in prime position.

Seth Rollins in particular has obviously impressed with his Daniel Bryan-esque full speed ahead ring style and peerless bump taking. But the man he shares the bronze belts with possesses an undeniable swag and one of the most devastating looking Spears in pro wrestling history. Roman Reigns may not clock a ton of minutes in The Shield's appearances, but he makes every motion count.

Together with United States champion Dean Ambrose, scheduled for a title defense against Dolph Ziggler, the sky remains the limit for the talented group. The only questions for Night of Champions are who will emerge from the kick-off show to face the tag champs, which Shield match will make us believe the most and how much more will Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins be called on to do during an evening that is sure to be focused on the larger Daniel Bryan versus the Corporation storyline?

What's at stake?

Not too much, honestly. The odds of Reigns and Rollins dropping the straps at this point in the larger narrative, and with next to no build for a program with any of their potential opponents, are astronomical.

Doing nothing more than staying the course will further their reputation as the future of the business, three young men who understand and fully inhabit their characters and are seemingly incapable of having a bad match.

Believe in The Shield, indeed.

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