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Alberto Del Rio breaks his silence on reported bar fight before WWE SummerSlam

Alberto Del Rio has finally broken his silence on the reported bar fight he had before WWE's "SummerSlam" pay-per-view (PPV) just over one week ago and he's keeping up kayfabe as best he can.

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Remember that bar fight Alberto Del Rio got into -- allegedly -- alongside Drew McIntyre the night before SummerSlam just over one week ago in Los Angeles that led to his showing up to the big event for his match with Christian sporting a black eye and a bruised up face?

He's kept quiet about the incident since then but he was finally asked about it in a recent interview with the Bootleg Kev show on Power 98.3:

"You know, we do shows, we do over 200 shows per year. We had a live event in Portland and you know it was just... things happen when you're in wrestling. It was just an accident. But you know how it is, they always like to talk and they always like to make stories of their own. You know, it was just part of the business, it's part of the game."

You have to love the world heavyweight champion doing his best to keep kayfabe here, though he goes in and out throughout the rest of the interview.

Check it:

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