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UPDATE: Alberto Del Rio's pre-SummerSlam fight

More information is coming in that at least begins to clarify the incidents that lead to Alberto Del Rio's appearance last night.

After some standard pro wrestling internet confusion and conjecture, details are starting to come to light concerning what lead to the black eye and generally bruised face that World Heavyweight Champion (WHC) Alberto Del Rio displayed last night at the Staples Center.

Mike Johnson at is reporting that "several sources" put Del Rio at an Irish pub close to the WWE's hotel in Los Angeles late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.  There he apparently got into a fight with several patrons, none of whom are reported to be WWE employees.

One story is that Del Rio got into a verbal confrontation with someone and his friends, including WWE wrestlers, stepped in to support the WHC.

Upon returning to the hotel sometime Sunday morning, Del Rio had two black eyes and was trying to keep his face hidden from everyone in the lobby, especially WWE officials. He was accompanied by Drew McIntyre, who was also at the Pub and one of those who stepped in to fight with ADR.

While he was not on last nights's broadcast, it has also been reported that McIntyre was banged up as well, with two knots on the side of his head.  Given that neither man is small and Del Rio has some legitimate mixed martial arts fights under his belt, it doesn't appear that this was a minor dust-up.  It's pretty amazing that something that would result in that kind of bodily harm didn't involve the police.

As it is, there is still no word about heat or punishment for either man, although Del Rio retaining after the incident was known to officials - who at that point had definitely seen the after effects on his face - doesn't make it seem like it will be anything too severe.  More media coverage or even a lawsuit would certainly change that, though.

More as we get it, Cagesiders.  Anyone foresee professional consequences from this for the former luchador or his Scottish friend?

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