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WWE SummerSlam match card preview: CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

It's THE BEST vs. THE BEAST in a "SummerSlam" showdown for the ages ... right?


CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

It's the best in the world against the beast incarnate. Or "The Anomaly", as he was once referred to. Really, it's the biggest possible match-up between two names who could have a truly great match, or at least have the most potential for it of all the big names left on the roster.

Road to SummerSlam

It's been slow, and the focus hasn't actually been on Punk vs. Lesnar but rather Punk vs. Paul Heyman. That's both because the two are outstanding storytellers, masters of all the subtle nuances that make pro wrestling great, and because, well, Brock can only work so many dates.

Plus, it's beyond obvious WWE doesn't have much confidence in him when he does show up.

That's been evidenced by the fact that the few times he has appeared, the result has been a big brawl. Lesnar got the upper hand a couple times while Punk got the upper hand a couple others. As far as physicality, that's been the extent of it.

The explanation for having the actual match is that once Heyman turned on Punk, Lesnar decided he no longer had any reason to "allow" Punk to exist in this world, so now he's going to destroy him. Because he's been betrayed by those close to him, the "Second City Saint" has a new edge to him.

However, Brock did hurt him a few times during those big brawls. We'll see how it affects the match itself.

What's at Stake?

That's up for debate.

Punk is out for revenge against his former mentor and best friend while also hoping to tame the wild beast that has been sent after him by Heyman. Lesnar, meanwhile, is just doing the bidding of his master, even if it's trying to convince us otherwise.

But what does a win do for either guy?

Sadly, not much. Both are established stars and the story -- or Brock's contract -- dictates a one-and-done victory for one or the other. I can't see a rematch here, so expect a decisive victory for whomever is chosen to go over.

But who will that be? Stay tuned.

We'll have complete coverage of the match and a detailed recap just as soon as it, and the entire event, concludes right here at

See you then!

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