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On this date in WWE history: Kane gets creepy with Lita on Raw

WWE has a long history with insinuating rape in its storylines on "Monday Night Raw." This date in history was no different, as Kane got all sorts of creepy with Lita.

If you've been a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) long enough, you know how demented the folks behind the scenes can be. This manifests itself on screen with storylines played out by larger than life characters who are really just proxies for Vince McMahon, the owner of the company, to play out his fantasies on live television.

Unfortunately, McMahon is a sick individual.

We know this because WWE routinely showcases weird, wacky, and entirely inappropriate angles. Glen Jacobs, who has wrestled most of his career under the ring name Kane, has been involved in quite a few of them thanks to his character being that of a demented murderer. That includes on this date in history (Aug. 16, 2004) when he got creepy with Lita in the ring ... and made yet another reference to rape.

Kane had fallen for the lovely Lita earlier in the year and this led to the natural progression of his kidnapping her and impregnating her so he could carry on his legacy. Or some crazy shit like that. Matt Hardy, Lita's boyfriend both on screen and off during this time, thought the baby was his and decided to make things official by proposing to his longtime love live on Raw.

Except he was interrupted by Kane saying the baby wasn't his and Lita explaining that it was possible that was true. But why would she bone down with "The Big Red Monster," a guy who had kidnapped her? The explanation she gave Hardy while he was rushing out of the arena was she had sex with Kane in order to protect Hardy. Her last plea for him to stay was, "But Matt, the baby might be yours."

I swear to you, Cagesiders, I'm not making this up. And it actually got much worse.

Kane later informed Lita that Eric Bischoff had booked him in a match against Matt Hardy at SummerSlam. In an attempt to force Lita into marrying him, Kane offered the stipulation that if he defeated Hardy at the pay-per-view, Lita would marry him. She said she was so confident in Hardy's victory, and would marry him afterwards, that she agreed.

They even did a contract signing for a match they dubbed "Til Death Do Us Part." They actually did an angle where Kane and Matt Hardy had a match and Lita would be forced to marry the winner.

During the course of this, Lita revealed to Hardy that he was not, in fact, the father of the child she was carrying. Still, he agreed to the stipulations put forward, signing the contract to make it official on the go home edition of Raw. Then at Summerslam, Kane defeated Hardy and the wedding was planned for Aug. 23.

On this date, however, it was the night after SummerSlam and Kane was given a shot at Edge and the Intercontinental title as a wedding gift from Bischoff. Lita and Hardy interfered in the match to ensure he didn't win but it got creepy after when Kane forced Lita into the ring and cut an over the shoulder promo talking in her ear while breathing heavy.

Yes, he was doing this to Diva's on Raw long before Eve came along.

"You probably think that I'd be angry at what just happened," he said. "But I'm not. Oh I can see what kind of relationship this is going to be. And I am going to enjoy it. But nothing can upset me tonight. Because next week right here live on Raw, we are getting married. And later that night, we'll consummate our marriage."

Lita, having just been threatened with rape by a guy she was being forced to marry, decided to slap him in the face.

"Oh yeah, that's the way I like it," he responded. "It's going to be a HELL of a honeymoon."

Again, I'm not making this shit up. Somehow this story managed to work its way through the creative team and onto television involving multiple wrestlers acting it all out. At no point down the line did someone stop say, "hey maybe we shouldn't do this, this is pretty fucked up."

That's WWE for you. Video below.

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