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On this date in WWE history: Kevin Nash tears his quadriceps walking across the ring

On this date in WWE history, Kevin Nash returns from injury only to injure himself again, tearing his quadriceps by walking across the ring in a 10-man tag match on "Raw."

When you hear pro wrestling fans of today bag on Kevin Nash for being a broken down old man, it's partially because of things like this. And this actually happened a decade ago!

Indeed, on this date in WWE history (July 8, 2002), Nash tore his quadriceps simply walking across the ring in a 10-man tag team match on Monday Night Raw.

After World Championship Wrestling (WCW) folded in 2001, Nash was one of the big name stars that World Wrestling Federation (WWF) owner Vince McMahon left to sit on the sidelines while waiting out his contract. Once it came up, McMahon quickly signed him to a lesser deal, along with Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall, and resurrected the New World Order (nWo).

Straight from the get go, the stable was doomed to failure. For starters, while fans were certainly nostalgic for the group that helped the business reach such great heights in the late 90s, they had long ago had their fix. Sure, there were some who were willing to give them a chance, seeing as this was at least the original carnation, but the Invasion storyline had failed so spectacularly months prior that a sour taste was still relatively fresh in fan's mouths.

Nevertheless, McMahon pushed on and the group returned. It quickly lost its leader, Hogan, when he had a match against The Rock at WrestleMania 18 that saw him turn babyface because, as it turned out, fans were more nostalgic for a return of Hulkamania. Nash hurt his biceps shortly after, putting him on the shelf for a few months, while Hall ended up fired after the infamous "plane ride from hell."

Upon his return, Nash brought Shawn Michaels out of retirement to join the group, as McMahon grew increasingly more desperate to get it over. But it still wasn't happening. Nash and MIchaels set about recruiting Triple H to join the crew but that didn't happen because the fatal blow was dealt during Raw on July 8 in a 10-man tag match that saw Nash, Big Show, X-Pac, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero team up against Bubba Ray Dudley, Spike Dudley, Booker T, Goldust, and Rob Van Dam.

During the match, Nash gets tagged in and hits a big boot on Booker T. After this, he proceeds to walk across the ring and right as he's about to attack Bubba Dudley in the corner, he collapses in a heap and starts screaming while clutching his leg. The referee throws up the X sign and "Big Sexy" is once again gone for months.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Kevin Nash tore his quadriceps while walking across the ring, albeit at a brisk pace. We'll give him that much.

This led to McMahon officially killing the nWo on the July 15 episode of Raw and it's never been heard from since. And you know what? That's probably for the best.

Watch Nash injure himself by doing as little as possible.

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