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CSSGFT: The Final Four is set

The Final Four in the Cageside Seats Greatest Finisher Tournament is set. Find out which finishers performed by four different wrestlers made the cut.

After a grueling voting process, one that wasn't actually so grueling thanks to some spirited debate and plenty of awesome participation from you lovely Cagesiders, the Cageside Seats Greatest Finisher Tournament is down to the semifinal round.

And then there were four.

Indeed, Shawn Michaels' Sweet Chin Music, Undertaker's Tombstone, Mr. Perfect's Perfectplex, and Stone Cold Steve Austin's Stunner have all earned their way to the Final Four round with four victories.

Here's how they got here.

(1) Sweet Chin Music

Def. God's Last Gift (85-26), Million Dollar Dream (57-23), O-Face (53-28), and Diamond Cutter (53-49)

(1) Tombstone

Def. Corkscrew Shooting Star Press (80-21), Orange Crush (62-17), Steiner Screwdriver (53-14), F-5 (55-25)

(3) Perfectplex

Def. Swanton Bomb (76-29), Codebreaker (69-13), DDT (44-34), Flying Elbow Drop (38-37)

(1) Stone Cold Stunner

Def. Muscle Buster (76-13), Jackknife Powerbomb (64-5), Gore (60-12), Top Turnbuckle Brainbuster (51-37)

It's amazing, really, that in a tournament that featured so many incredible upsets -- including a 15 going over a 2 seed -- we come to the Final Four and three of the remaining finishers were 1 seeds. They all deserve to be here, though, and the Perfectplex, despite being a three seed is on a bit of a Cinderella run.

Here's the schedule, with the extra day of voting, for the Final Four:

Mon., July 8: (1) Sweet Chin Music vs. (1) Tombstone
Wed., July 10: (1) Stone Cold Stunner vs. (3) Perfectplex

See you then!