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Latest WWE Money in the Bank match card and line up

Here's a look at the updated "Money in the Bank" match card and line-up for the pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for Sun., July 14, 2013, featuring John Cena vs. Mark Henry, and much, much more.

WWE returns to pay-per-view (PPV) on Sun., July 14, 2013, from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with its most popular "B" show on the schedule, the Money in the Bank event. It's the most popular because it features the two Money in the Bank ladder matches that will (very likely) determine two future champions, if history is any indicator.

Plus, that particular match is all but guaranteed to be bonkers.

Here's the current match card and line-up as of today's date (June 30):

- John Cena vs. Mark Henry (WWE Championship)

Don't expect Cena to be giving up his title here, even if it's only for what many of you like to refer to as a "gold watch" run. All reports seem to indicate this is simply another program designed to feature a monster heel for the squeaky clean babyface champion to overcome.

- WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The participants for this match include: CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Christian, and Rob Van Dam. That's seven former champions, the two best workers on the roster at current time, the return match of a beloved character, a veteran hand in this particular gimmick match, a guy who hears voices in his head, a warm body, and a big red monster. Sounds like fun! This one is dubbed "All Stars" for how deep it is in top level talent.

- World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The participants for this match include: Dean Ambrose, Fandango, Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, and Antonio Cesaro. With the other Money in the Bank match focusing on the bigger names, this one is designed to feature the high end of the mid-card talent. In that sense, it's deep as can be, with Ambrose, Fandango, Sandow, and Cesaro adding an element of intrigue based on what could be accomplished should they win. Barrett and Swagger severely bog down the proceedings, however, mostly because neither are particularly good in the ring and both would make for terrible contract holders. It's also far too possible one of the two will win, and that would just be disastrous. Rhodes, for his part, is just sort of there.

- Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler (World Heavyweight Championship)

Ziggler gets his rematch against Del Rio after losing his world heavyweight championship in his very first title defense at the Payback PPV just this past June 16 in Chicago. Really, WWE could decide to go any direction here but try to remember they have a lot invested in Del Rio and Ziggler probably still works best as an enhancement talent.

- Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

This match was just sort of thrown together and reading the match preview on is good for a laugh if only because the writers are forced to figure out some copy for a feud that doesn't even exist. The best they could come up with is that well, it kinda makes sense because they both ran into Vickie Guerrero at the same time. They've since started down an actual path laid with problems, the central issue being that Ryback is saddened by the current state of his career and Jericho is going to make fun of him for it. Wait, isn't Ryback the bad guy and Jericho the good guy? Oh that's right, this is WWE.

- The Shield vs. The Usos (Tag Team Championship)

It appears The Usos are getting that long awaited push and The Shield will be moving on to a program with a tag team they will be expected to elevate. Oh how far they've come in such a short period of time. For what it's worth, The Usos have been booked to look incredibly strong against them leading up to this match, so we'll see what that affects, if anything. This match has been earmarked for the pre-show.

- Curtis Axel vs. The Miz (Intercontinental Championship)

Axel won the title in a terribly exciting triple threat match where Miz was on the verge of tapping Wade Barrett, so it made sense to put them together. There's no telling how well they will do in a city like Philadelphia out there on their own, though, and this thing could go south quickly. So it could be really fun!

- AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn (Diva's Championship)

The rematch from Payback, where AJ finally won the Diva's championship after being the most featured woman on the roster for well over a year. Kaitlyn probably won't win it back and, in fact, will likely fade into obscurity not long after this, so if you're a fan who roots for nipple slips, this is your match.

That's likely the entire card, Cagesiders, and I must say, it ain't not bad.

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