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On this date in history: The Rock returns to choose between the WWF and the Alliance

The Rock returned to choose between Team WWF and The Alliance on this date in history.

We've covered a lot of the Invasion, or at least the beginning of it, in this space over the past few weeks. It started with Stone Cold Steve Austin showing up on Raw to declare his allegiance to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) but giving a stunner to pretty much the entire Alliance heading into the InVasion pay-per-view (PPV) event.

Then we touched on that very show, which saw Austin turn heel to help the Alliance win the Inaugural Brawl 10-man tag team match and turn the tide in the heels favor. The next night on Raw, Stone Cold explained his decision and the Alliance had a strong leader who had the most prestigious title.

This led to SmackDown and Stephanie McMahon extending an invitation for The Rock to return and declare his allegiance to the Alliance as well. Sure, he had lost to Austin at WrestleMania earlier in the year and been gone ever since but it was an entirely new landscape and why not join up with the winning team?

It all built to the episode of Monday Night Raw that took place on this date in history (July 30, 2001) that saw both the Alliance and the WWF appeal to The Rock in an attempt to get him to sign up with their side.

Vince McMahon represented the WWF and made his pitch. He ended up receiving a Rock Bottom for his trouble. Shane and Stephanie McMahon celebrated, thinking this represented Rock joining their side. And he shook Shane's hand, too, smiling the whole way.

But instead of a heel turn and a dynamic duo of Austin and Rock leading the Alliance, "The Great One" delivered another Rock Bottom and a People's Elbow behind it for good measure. He then proceeded to announce who he was joining up with simply by saying, "Finally ... The Rock has come back ... to the WWF."

Watch it all go down:

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