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On this date in WWF history: Saturday Night's Main Event features Warrior-Rude, Demolition-Rockers

Saturday Night's Main Event aired on this date in WWF history and featured then WWF Champion Ultimate Warrior taking on Rick Rude and Demolition vs. The Rockers in tag team action.

Sometimes there's nothing better than just going back and watching an old World Wrestling Federation (WWF) show to both see how far we've come in such a short (or long) period of time, and to let the nostalgia run through you while you enjoy the wild and wacky characters of times gone by.

Like the episode of Saturday Night's Main Event that aired on this date in history (July 28, 1990), though it was taped on July 16.

Check it:

That's just good stuff.

You've got Ultimate Warrior during his run as WWF champion taking on Rick Rude, who always managed to give him at least serviceable matches and was the other half of one of Warrior's only good feuds throughout his career.

Then you've got Hulk Hogan returning for a promo to admonish Earthquake, who took him out of action a couple months prior, before the big man comes down with Dino Bravo and Jimmy Hart to finish what he started. Before the heels can attack, Tugboat rushes in to make the save, nearly making a complete fool of himself rolling into the ring.

Then you've got Demolition pulling a fast one to defeat The Rockers after a great tag team match with the titles on the line. The Hart Foundation and Legion of Doom even make appearances and the depth of the tag team division is on full display.

Then you've got Mr. Perfect defending his Intercontinental strap against Tito Santana in yet another good match with Bobby Heenan being awesome on the outside the entire way.

To cap it all off, Kerry Von Erich debuted as The Texas Tornado, defeating Buddy Rose. As an aside, the Tornado's entrance theme was awesome.

Enjoy how awesome this all was.

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