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Slapstick Saturday: Randy 'Macho Man' Savage hits a home run for WWE in the Chicago media (literally)

It is high ... it is far ... it issssss ... GONE!

Oh, you didn't know Randy "Macho Man" Savage was a minor league baseball player?

Probably shoulda asked somebody. Or better yet, probably shoulda told the pitcher for the Chicago Media All-Stars, who arc'd one to Randall Mario Poffo and could do nothing but watch that shit sail clean over the fence.

First pitch no less.

Savage was one of the WWE superstars tasked with playing a charity softball game in "The Windy City" to help promote the upcoming SummerSlam event, scheduled for Aug. 29, 1994 at the United Center, featuring The Undertaker vs. The Underfaker in the main event.

WWE won the game because Shawn Michaels wasn't wearing a shirt.

Highlights include "Dink" getting his pitches rolled to him, "Sparky Plugg" bouncing one off the wall and "Diesel" wearing jorts and a fanny pack. God bless you, 1994. And how about that commentary by the late Gorilla Monsoon? Almost makes up for "Well Dunn."


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