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Cageside Seats Greatest Stable Tournament First Round Schedule

Breaking out the schedule for the first round of the Cageside Seats Greatest Stable Tournament. Here's where you can see when you can come vote on whatever match-up you're looking forward to most.

Over the past week or so, we went through the grueling process of voting on a new tournament (even though I went with the Russo swerve and changed it to the Greatst Stable anyway), and nominating the field for said tournament before announcing the stables that made the cut. Remember, instead of starting with 64, we'll work our way down from 32.

Now, it's time to bust out the schedule with all the match-ups for the first round (special thanks to Arielle for helping put this together):

Mon., July 29: (1) Four Horsemen vs. (8) Kings of Wrestling
Tues., July 30: (3) Ministry of Darkness vs. (6) 3MB
Wed., July 31: (2) Evolution vs. (7) Anti/Un-Americans
Thurs., Aug. 1: (4) nWo Wolfpac vs. (5) Radicalz
Fri., Aug. 2:(3) New Hart Foundation vs. (6) Wyatt Family
Sat., Aug. 3: (1) D-Generation X vs. (8) J.O.B. Squad
Sun., Aug. 4: (2) Nation of Domination vs. (7) The Colony
Mon., Aug. 5: (4) Straight Edge Society vs. (5) Million Dollar Corporation
Tues., Aug. 6: (3) Heenan Family vs. (6) Four Horsemen (original)
Wed., Aug. 7: (2) The Brood vs. (7) Team Angle
Thurs., Aug. 8: (1) nWo vs. (8) Nexus
Fri., Aug. 9: (4) The Flock vs. (5) bWo
Sat., Aug. 10: (3) The Corporation vs. (6) Von Erichs
Sun., Aug. 11: (2) D-Generation X (original) vs. (7) LWO
Mon., Aug. 12: (4) The Dudley Family vs. (5) Dangerous Alliance
Tues., Aug. 13: (1) The Shield vs. (8) Legacy

There you have it, Cagesiders. What match-up are you looking forward to most?

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