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Cageside Seats Greatest Stable Tournament: The Field of 32 Announced

After a three day nomination process, the field of 32 has been set for the Cageside Seats Greatest Stable Tournament. Come see which stables made the cut!

Throughout the past couple days, you Cagesiders were asked to go about the arduous task of nominating the very best stables in all of pro wrestling history. You were also asked to "rec" those nominations based on which you felt should make it in to the next Cageside Seats Pro Wrestling Tournament.

Well, now we have our field and after originally planning to include only 16, the decision was made to expand it to 32.

Here you go:

1. nWo
1. D-Generation X
1. Four Horsemen
1. The Shield

2. Evolution
2. Nation of Domination
2. The Brood
2. D-Generation X (original)

3. Ministry of Darkness
3. New Hart Foundation
3. Heenan Family
3. The Corporation

4. The Dudley Family
4. Straight Edge Society
4. The Flock
4. nWo Wolfpac

5. bWo
5. Dangerous Alliance
5. Million Dollar Corporation
5. Radicalz

6. Four Horsemen (original)
6. Von Erichs
6. 3MB
6. Wyatt Family

7. LWO
7. The Colony
7. Anti/Un-Americans
7. Team Angle

8. Nexus
8. Kings of Wrestling
8. J.O.B. Squad
8. Legacy

As I'm sure a few of you have noticed, there were some hard decisions made here, namely the exclusion, despite the necessary recs, of Team Xtreme and the Fabulous Freebirds. The reason? Those two squads were classified more as tag teams than stables, so they were left out.

But now the field is set. Stay tuned for the first round schedule tomorrow!

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