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On this date in WWF history: Edge wins his first title at a house show in Toronto

Edge won his first title with WWE on this date in history when he pinned Jeff Jarrett at a house show in his hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Although he would go on to have a Hall of Fame career with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), an interesting factoid about Edge that many may not know is that his first title win with the company came at a house show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

It happened on this date in history (July 24, 1999) when the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) showed up in his hometown for a live event and decided to put him over big. It was explained during the event that Jeff Jarrett, who was Intercontinental champion at the time, would be unable to face Ken Shamrock due to travel issues.

So Edge stepped in as the hometown hero to have a five minute match that would see him defeat Jarrett via pinfall, an outcome Edge would later claim he had no idea was coming. Originally, the referee took the title away from Edge because it wasn't a scheduled title match -- that was supposed to be with Shamrock. But Blackjack Lanza came down to the ring and consulted with Howard Finkel, who would announce that the referee's decision would stand and Edge was the new Intercontinental champion.

Toronto went nuts and Edge ended up getting some great publicity out of it.

His reign would be short lived, however, as he dropped the title back to Jarrett the very next night at the Fully Loaded pay-per-view. He would go on to great success in the tag team division before embarking on a highly successful singles career.

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