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On this date in WWE history: The Rock wins the title at Vengeance 2002

Watch The Rock win the WWE championship back at "Vengeance 2002," which took place on this date in history.

The Rock's WWE championship victory at the Royal Rumble earlier this year, and subsequent run with said title, are thought to be his last. But that was also the case when he won the title almost a full 11 years prior.

It happened on this date in WWE history (July 21, 2002) at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan, in a triple threat match against Undertaker and Kurt Angle at Vengeance.

The feud headed into the event was standard fare. Undertaker held the title coming in and requested a match against Rock after he interfered in 'Taker's match against Triple H at King of the Ring. Angle was added in when he went to a draw with "Big Evil" and had his name thrown into the picture.

Though Rock would win the belt, he was just a holdover champion. In fact, he lost it just over one month later at SummerSlam, putting over Brock Lesnar and sending him on his way to superstar status.

An extended hiatus and a few sporadic feuds and appearances later, and Rock was apparently done with wrestling. His match at WrestleMania 20 with Mick Foley would mark the final time he stepped between the ropes to do what made him famous. That is until his return at Survivor Series in 2011 leading to his jumping back and forth between movies and WWE, using one venture to help promote and build the other.

Still, since coming back he hasn't looked as good as he does in this match right here.


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