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WWE/TNA Week in Wrestling: June 24th to June 30th

Catch up on all the results from WWE and TNA television shows with the latest Cageside Seats Week in Wrestling!

Austin Aries was Suicide for a couple of hours last week on TNA Impact.
Austin Aries was Suicide for a couple of hours last week on TNA Impact.
Photo by shawnsavior of Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.

What happened over the last week? Find out below, Cagesiders.


Raw (June 24th)

  • Daniel Bryan said he would prove that he's not the weak link by making Randy Orton tap out. Orton then came out to tell him to shut up and fight, which led to...
  • Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton went to a no-contest when the referee got hit with a flying knee by Bryan, which led to a pull apart brawl as a swarm of other officials tried to split them up.
  • Daniel Bryan stormed into Team Brickie's office and demanded another match with Randy Orton, which Vickie Guerrero agreed to. Vince McMahon then appeared and offhandedly told Vickie Guerrero that some people thought that Daniel Bryan was not worthy of being a WWE Superstar due to his diminutive size and his psychological complexities, and was a downright embarrassment to the company. Hint, hint.
  • Sheamus & Christian defeated The Rhodes Scholars when Sheamus pinned Cody Rhodes with the Brogue Kick.
  • Kaitlyn pinned Aksana with the spear. During the match, AJ Lee came out dressed like Kaitlyn in a muscle suit and multicolor wig, but her distraction wasn't enough to cost her enemy the victory. Afterward, AJ mocked Kaitlyn and reenacted the fake out of the secret admirer segment with Big E Langston.
  • Chris Jericho defeated Alberto Del Rio by disqualification when Ricardo Rodriguez hit Y2J with a bucket to break up the Walls Of Jericho. After the match, Dolph Ziggler attacked Jericho and eventually laid him out with the Zig Zag.
  • Team Brickie were discussing cancelling Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton, but Triple H nixed that idea and told them that the match had to go on.
  • In a segment with Team Brickie revealing fake covers for the WWE 2K14 video game, Jerry "The King" Lawler finally revealed the real one which had The Rock on it.
  • Ryback pinned The Great Khali with the Shell Shock.
  • John Cena cut a typical promo about the WWE title and Mark Henry turning on him last week.
  • The Usos defeated Tons of Funk and 3MB in a Triple Threat match to become the Number One Contenders to the WWE Tag Team Titles when one of the Usos pinned Sweet T with the Superfly Splash.
  • CM Punk explained to the audience why he was a Paul Heyman guy, told Heyman to tell Brock Lesnar that he's coming after him and demanded from Heyman the truth over whether he was involved in the attack by Lesnar. Heyman went out of his way to assure Punk that he had nothing whatsoever to do with it, which led to Punk saying that he was sorry to have doubted him and giving him a big hug.
  • CM Punk submitted Darren Young with the Anaconda Vice. After the match, The Prime Time Players attacked Punk, but Curtis Axel made the save.
  • Stephanie McMahon asked Vickie Guerrero why she hasn't announced Raw Money In The Bank participants yet and then told her that she will take care of it.
  • Stephanie McMahon announced that the Raw Money In The Bank participants would be CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Christian, Kane and Rob Van Dam.
  • Ryback interrupted Team Brickie bickering amongst themselves to rant and rave, before Chris Jericho entered the scene to do the same, which led to a stare down between the two wrestlers and Vickie Guerrero booking Ryback vs. Jericho for Money In The Bank.
  • CM Punk and Paul Heyman then squabbled about Curtis Axel coming out and saving Punk, before Heyman convinced Vickie Guerrero to book Punk & Axel vs. The Prime Time Players for next week's Raw, much to Punk's chagrin.
  • Mark Henry bragged about fooling everyone with his retirement tease at John Cena's expense on last week's Raw.
  • In a Street Fight, Daniel Bryan submitted Randy Orton with a kendo stick assisted No Lock. After the match, Orton shook Bryan's hand.

NXT (June 26th)

  • Big E Langston squashed Aiden English with the Big Ending.
  • Emma submitted Aksana with the Dil-Emma, a bridging inverted Indian death lock.
  • Leo Kruger submitted Dante Dash with the G3, an inverted keylock.
  • Bo Dallas squashed Mickey Keegan with a springboard bulldog. After the match, Leo Kruger laid out Keegan with a snap suplex/clothesline combo. He then crept over to touch the NXT championship belt that Bo was holding before leaving with a "tah-tah".
  • Corey Graves & Kassius Ohno defeated Scott Dawson & Garrett Dylan to become the Number One Contenders to the NXT Tag Team Titles when Graces submitted Dylan with the Lucky 13. After the match, the Wyatt Family, Dawson & Dylan beat down Adrian Neville, Graves & Ohno. William Regal tried to make the save, but was unsuccessful. Bray Wyatt closed the show by telling Regal that "I'm the king around here".

Main Event (June 26th)

  • Chris Jericho submitted Cody Rhodes with the Walls of Jericho.
  • Zeb Colter put over Antonio Cesaro as a real American despite the fact that he's not a real American. He was also upset that SmackDown would feature a Fiesta for Alberto Del Rio and a Dublin Street Fight for Sheamus. Cesaro claimed he was the personification of the American Dream.
  • Christian defeated Dean Ambrose by disqualification when Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns interfered.
  • The Prime Time Players defeated Tons of Funk when Titus O'Neil pinned Brodus Clay after Clay missed a charge into the corner and Darren Young slammed him shoulder-first into the turnbuckles.

Superstars (June 27th)

  • The Miz submitted Wade Barrett with the Figure Four leglock.
  • Antonio Cesaro pinned Zack Ryder with the Neutralizer.

Smackdown (June 28th)

  • In a Dublin Street Fight, Sheamus pinned Damien Sandow with the Brogue Kick.
  • Kane annoyed Daniel Bryan by calling his victory over Randy Orton on Raw "a huge upset", which led to another argument between the two.
  • MizTV saw Paul Heyman refuse to answer questions about the issue between CM Punk and Brock Lesnar, before calling out Curtis Axel as back up, who eventually took out The Miz with his twisting neckbreaker to end the back and forth interview segment.
  • Kaitlyn came out dressed like AJ Lee and slut shamed her enemy, which led to...
  • Natalya pinned AJ Lee with a roll up when AJ was distracted by Kaitlyn skipping around the ring. After the match, Kaitlyn hit the spear on AJ.
  • Vince McMahon wanted to know Teddy Long's plans for the Smackdown Money In The Bank match. Long said he wanted to give an opportunity to a "future player" and announced Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Antonio Cesaro, Fandango, Dean Ambrose, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow for the multi-man ladder bout.
  • Randy Orton pinned Kane with the RKO when Daniel Bryan threw Kane back into the ring after a draping DDT and distracted him by saying "you can do it, Kane."
  • Ryback squashed Justin Gabriel with the Shell Shock, despite selling a leg injury during the match. Afterwards, Chris Jericho claimed that Ryback's injury was fake and dubbed him "Cryback". The two then got into a brawl, which Y2J got the better of, but Ryback bailed before he could apply the Walls Of Jericho on him.
  • Christian & The Usos defeated The Shield when Christian pinned Dean Ambrose with the spear.
  • Alberto Del Rio celebrated his World Heavyweight Title victory with a fiesta, knocking a pinata down like he bashed Dolph Ziggler's brains in at Payback. Ziggler then crashed the party, hit Del Rio with the Zig Zag, nailed Ricardo Rodriguez with a guitar shot and celebrated with Alberto's Big Gold Belt.


Impact Wrestling (June 27th)

  • Sting and Kurt Angle claimed that the goals of the new Main Event Mafia would be to destroy Aces & Eights and make sure Bully Ray loses the TNA World Heavyweight Title.
  • Bully Ray, Doc and Mr. Anderson intimidated Chris Sabin before his TNA X-Division Title defence.
  • Suicide defeated Chris Sabin & Kenny King in a Triple Threat match to win the TNA X-Division Title when he pinned King using the ropes as leverage before Sabin could get back into the ring to stop the three count.
  • Before Suicide could leave the ring, Hulk Hogan's music hit and he came out with the real Suicide, TJ Perkins, who was jumped by someone earlier and had his ring gear stolen. Hogan demanded the Suicide impersonator to take of his mask, but instead he escaped by running through the crowd.
  • Hulk Hogan gave the fake Suicide until the end of the night to unmask or else.
  • In a terrible Gut Check match, "The Big O" Adam Ohriner pinned Ryan Howe with a powerslam.
  • Bully Ray intimidated TJ Perkins, thinking that the Main Event Mafia had put him up to giving his suit to someone else to play mind games with the leader of Aces & 8s.
  • In a TNA Knockouts Title match, Mickie James submitted Velvet Sky with a half Boston Crab. After the match, Sky cried during an interview with Christy Hemme and said that she thought her knee was okay but apparently she hurt herself again in the process of the submission loss.
  • In a Bound for Glory Series match, Magnus pinned Bobby Roode with a Michinoku Driver.
  • Aces & 8s questioned and threatened Chavo Guerrero, Robbie E and Jesse over the Suicide impostor and the Main Event Mafia.
  • Robbie E & Jesse (with Tara) interrupted a pointless promo by Gunner & James Storm to announce the formation of their new tag team Bro Mans. The babyface TNA tag team champions mocked the name, calling them Bromance.
  • In a Bound for Glory Series match, Samoa Joe submitted Mr. Anderson with a rear naked choke. Joe was then announced as the newest member of the Main Event Mafia by Sting and Kurt Angle.
  • Fake Suicide unmasked in front of Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray and revealed himself to be Austin Aries, who claims he'll beat Ray again to become the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

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