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On this date in WWE history: Triple H hates Eugene

Remember Triple H vs. Eugene and how wonderfully terrible that feud was? It's the subject of today's this date in history post. Enjoy!

Nick Dinsmore was a talented professional wrestler who will forever be known as Eugene, the dim-witted, mentally challenged nephew of Eric Bischoff. That was the storyline for him, anyway, when he was introduced to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) audience back in 2004.

Eugene was used in a comedy segment for a surprise return from The Rock in which he famously told "The Great One" his favorite wrestler was Triple H. This led "The Game" to make friends with Eugene, inducting him as an honorary member of Evolution.

It was just a plot, of course, and "The Cerebral Assassin" was using him as a way to help get his world heavyweight championship back from Chris Benoit. When he had a match with Benoit, though, Eugene cost him the belt and that led to this date in history (July 19, 2004) when Triple H revealed on Monday Night Raw that he didn't like Eugene after all.

In fact, he hated him.

We know because he admitted as much in a scathing promo that featured quite a few memorable lines. It also showcases his "unique" way of speaking when he gets angry, so pay attention and you'll see what everyone is talking about when they make fun of his voice and his cadence.

After revealing his hatred for Eugene, the two would end up having a match at SummerSlam that would see Triple H go over. Because the big bully definitely has to win, especially if the babyface is a mentally challenged person.

Anything for heel heat, right?

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