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The Tombstone wins the Cageside Seats Greatest Finisher Tournament


After a long and exhaustive voting process to determine the Greatest Finisher in our latest tournament right here on Cageside Seats, we have a winner. The Tombstone, as performed by Undertaker, defeated the Stone Cold Stunner, as performed by Stone Cold Steve Austin, in the final by a score of 80-55 to win the tournament.

Rest in peace.

Here's a look back on the Tombstone's path to victory:

(1) Tombstone vs. (16) Corkscrew Shooting Star Press - 80-21
(1) Tombstone vs. (8) Orange Crush - 62-17
(1) Tombstone vs. (12) Steiner Screwdriver - 53-14
(1) Tombstone vs. (2) F-5 - 55-25
(1) Tombstone vs. (1) Sweet Chin Music - 74-45
(1) Tombstone vs. (1) Stone Cold Stunner - 80-55

That's an impressive list of finishers the Tombstone went over on, including defeating the finisher of the man who has easily had the most success of any other wrestler in tournaments here on Cageside in the final match.

That does it for this tournament. Thanks for participating!

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