Match Times: Money In The Bank 2013

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WWE's Money In The Bank 2013 lasted for 2 hours 51 minutes and 48 seconds (2h 51m 48s). Here is a breakdown of the timing for every single second of the show, in chronological order. The matches are in bold. The "pre-match" includes video packages, entrances, ring introductions, and any verbal promos that occur right before a match officially begins. The "post-match" includes any celebrations, replays, angles, attacks, or promos that occur right after a match is finished.

Some matches have multiple "pre-match" or "post-match" entries because, for example, an unrelated video was inserted between a post-match celebration and a post-match promo. In these cases I will offer a slightly more detailed explanation of the segment.

  • 0m 20s: WWE's "Then, Now, Forever" opening
  • 2m 30s: Video hyping Money In The Bank
  • 0m 45s: Cole welcomes us to Money In The Bank
  • 4m 38s: Pre-match for WHC MITB match (with promos from Zeb and Sandow)
  • 16m 24s: WHC MITB match
  • 3m 39s: Post-match for WHC MITB match (replays)
  • 0m 31s: Video - Don't Try This At Home
  • 0m 57s: Post-match for WHC MITB match (more replays)
  • 5m 56s: Brad Maddox in-ring promo with Vickie Guerrero video
  • 2m 14s: Pre-match for Axel vs Miz
  • 9m 19s: Axel vs Miz
  • 1m 31s: Post-match for Axel vs Miz
  • 0m 47s: Commercial for SummerSlam
  • 2m 23s: Pre-match for AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn
  • 7m 03s: AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn
  • 1m 14s: Post-match for AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn
  • 0m 39s: Commercial for Total Divas
  • 1m 38s: Expert panel analysis
  • 2m 42s: Pre-match for Jericho vs Ryback
  • 11m 22s: Jericho vs Ryback
  • 1m 11s: Post-match for Jericho vs Ryback
  • 1m 48s: Video on WWE Performance Center
  • 6m 18s: Pre-match for ADR vs Ziggler
  • 14m 28s: ADR vs Ziggler
  • 2m 44s: Post-match for ADR vs Ziggler
  • 1m 42s: Video for National Guard, Lilian welcomes Pennsylvania National Guard
  • 8m 29s: Pre-match for Cena vs Henry
  • 14m 43s: Cena vs Henry
  • 2m 15s: Post-match for Cena vs Henry (replays)
  • 0m 33s: Commercial for Dead Man Down
  • 1m 45s: Post-match for Cena vs Henry (expert panel analysis)
  • 2m 11s: Video recap of Wyatts attacking Kane from Monday Night Raw
  • 7m 35s: Pre-match for WWE Championship MITB match
  • 26m 38s: WWE Championship MITB match
  • 2m 56s: Post-match for WWE Championship MITB match

The seven matches combined for a total bell-to-bell time of 97m 177s. That is equal to 58.2% of the total show time that was devoted to wrestling matches. This number just edged out Payback's 57.6% for the highest percentage of match time of the post-WM29 PPV's.

The pre-match pieces combined for a total time of 34m 19s, which is 20.0% of the total show time It should be noted that while all wrestler entrances are included as part of the pre-match segments, WWE commentators spent roughly half of Dolph Ziggler's entrance plugging the company's Youtube channel while completely ignoring Dolph Ziggler and the upcoming match.

The post-match pieces combined for a total time of 18m 12s, which is 10.6% of the total show time. This is a noticeable drop from the typical 13% range that the last couple of WWE PPV's measured in this category.

The post-match segment for the main event match, which consisted of Orton standing on top of the ladder while a dejected Punk sat outside the ring, lasted under three minutes. That made for the shortest main event post-match segment since I began doing these Match Time write-ups with WrestleMania 29.

The post-match segment for the WHC MITB match featured a ton of replays of Sandow's victory and Cole's outrage over Cody being betrayed. They even threw in a "Don't try this at home" video before showing even more replays of Sandow's win. Between that and the Brad Maddox promo that immediately followed, it certainly seemed like WWE was either stalling or trying to cool the crowd down. Maybe a MITB match requires a few extra minutes of cleanup for all the ladders scattered around the ringside area?

The second post-match segment for the Cena vs Henry match included the nearly 2-minute expert panel analysis that followed the match with Big Show, Kofi, and Vickie. This categorization was a tough decision for me to make, as the earlier expert panel discussion in the show (which occurred about an hour into the show) actually fell into the Miscellaneous category for me. The reason I made a distinction between the categorization for these two expert panel analysis segments is that the earlier expert panel analysis spent time discussing all of the previous matches from the first hour of the show, and so it didn't fit in neatly into any one specific pre-match or post-match designation. However, the expert panel analysis that followed Cena's match spent nearly every second discussing the outcome of the Cena versus Henry match. Therefore I classified it as a post-match segment for Cena versus Henry. If you disagree with that choice, then the total post-match percentage for the show would drop even lower to 9.6% of the total show time.

That leaves about 11.3% of the show remaining for other miscellaneous things. This includes commercials, video packages, the Brad Maddox in-ring promo, and so forth. It should be noted that WWE did not show any video recap of the Kickoff tag team championship match. On the previous handful of PPV events there was always about a minute or so devoted to video recapping the ending of the PPV Kickoff match.

One thing I noticed with my timing for this show is that I clocked the "Don't Try This At Home" video here at 31 seconds. However at Payback I clocked that same video in at 33 seconds. This is likely due to the screen transition that occurs at the end of many video packages. There are usually a couple of seconds where the screen goes dark as they transition back to the show, and so it is difficult to consistently calculate the exact timing boundaries for something like that, and this human error is evident in my records.

The average match time at Money In The Bank 2013 was 14m 17s. Four of the seven matches eclipsed this mark. This is a change of pace from the last few PPVs where only the top two or three of matches lasted longer than the average match time. Here is a listing of the 7 matches, sorted by match time:

  • 26m 38s: WWE Championship MITB match
  • 16m 24s: WHC MITB match
  • 14m 43s: Cena vs Henry
  • 14m 28s: ADR vs Ziggler
  • 11m 22s: Jericho vs Ryback
  • 9m 19s: Axel vs Miz
  • 7m 03s: AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn

Daniel Bryan consistently puts on tons of great singles matches on Raw and Smackdown each week, yet he has accumulated a grand total of zero seconds of one-on-one PPV matches this year. In fact the last time he appeared in such a match on PPV was SummerSlam 2012 when he defeated Kane.

This event featured Mark Henry's longest one-on-one PPV match since HIAC 2011 where he fought Randy Orton. However Mark Henry's match at MITB also turned out to be the shortest WWE Championship match on PPV since Punk vs Ryback at Hell In A Cell 2012.

I have noticed multiple sources with a listed match time of 9m 08s for Axel vs Miz. I start my timer when the bell rings, and I am confident that my calculated time of 9m 19s is more accurate. There was about a 10-second delay between the initial bell ring and when the two men actually locked up, so this is the likely explanation for why the discrepancy exists.

There have been 14 MITB matches in WWE history. This year's main event match was the longest MITB match in history. There is a clear pattern that MITB matches have been given much more time when MITB was taken off of the crowded WrestleMania cards and given its own separate PPV event starting in 2010. Here is the sorted list of match times for all 14 of those MITB matches.

  • 26m 38s: 2013 WWE Championship (Orton wins)
  • 26m 18s: 2010 Smackdown (Kane wins)
  • 24m 27s: 2011 Smackdown (Bryan wins)
  • 20m 27s: 2010 Raw (Miz wins)
  • 20m 04s: 2012 WWE Championship (Cena wins)
  • 19m 10s: WrestleMania 23 (Kennedy wins)
  • 18m 30s: 2012 WHC (Ziggler wins)
  • 16m 24s: 2013 WHC (Sandow wins)
  • 15m 52s: 2011 Raw (ADR wins)
  • 15m 17s: WrestleMania 21 (Edge wins)
  • 14m 24s: WrestleMania 25 (Punk wins)
  • 13m 55s: WrestleMania 24 (Punk wins)
  • 13m 44s: WrestleMania 26 (Swagger wins)
  • 12m 22s: WrestleMania 22 (RVD wins)

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