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Money in the Bank results: Rob Van Dam nearly kills Sheamus (GIF)

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Here's the GIF of Rob Van Dam pushing Sheamus off a ladder and nearly killing him in the process. Seriously, this looks like it hurt like hell.

During last night's (Sun., July 14, 2013) WWE championship "All Stars" Money in the Bank ladder match at the pay-per-view (PPV) of the same name at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rob Van Dam got a bit careless in how he decided to knock Sheamus off a ladder he was climbing to retrieve the red briefcase suspended above the ring.

And "Big Irish" went crashing to the mat below, his fall broken only by the side of the ladder he had just been thrown from. It looked nasty in real time live and the GIF confirms as much (via Zombie Prophet of Bloody Elbow):



No but really, spots like this are expected in this particular type of gimmick match but that just looks downright reckless. Sheamus certainly seemed to work a little stiffer from that point on too.

For what it's worth, he confirmed afterwards that he's doing just fine:

Van Dam, meanwhile, suffered a gnarly cut on his head that required staples to close, which you can read more about -- and see a picture of -- by clicking here. Karma collects every time, huh?

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