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WWE Money in the Bank results: John Cena submits Mark Henry to retain WWE championship

John Cena submitted Mark Henry to retain the WWE championship at tonight's (July 14, 2013) Money in the Bank pay-per-view in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

J. Meric

Mark Henry bought himself all the good will he'll ever need in his professional wrestling career when he pulled off one of the greatest swerves in the history of Monday Night Raw during a fake retirement ceremony that saw him turn on WWE Champion John Cena.

That angle led to tonight's (Sun., July 14, 2013) WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where Cena would defend his title against the first legitimate monster he's faced in some time.

Henry's promotion for the match was simple: He had to come in here and win because losing would essentially invalidate his entire career and he would have nothing left to give. So, basically, it was put up or shut up and quit.

The match was simple, as it was expected to be. Henry is a beast and he treated Cena like his prey. Cena, the valiant fighting champion, battled back from being nearly down and out multiple times. There was great psychology, too, with Cena failing to get Henry up for the Attitude Adjustment once but ultimately getting him up for it only to get a two count out of it.

Really good timing and execution on it.

Not long after, Cena, incredulous, went to the top rope to attempt a high risk move only to be caught in mid-air and hit with The World's Strongest Slam. It looked like it was over, but Cena kicked out just before the referee slapped the mat for a third consecutive time.

Not long after, Cena countered another World's Strongest Slam attempt into the STF and after a readjustment got "The World's Strongest Man" back in the middle of the ring, the tap came and the WWE championship would not change hands.

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