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Pay-Per-View Pick 'Em Game Update: The Top 10 Square Off

The Pay-Per-View Pick 'Em Game will return this coming Friday for the WWE "Payback" event but it won't look the way it normally does. That's because we'll only be needing picks from out illustrious top 10 points scorers.

The first (and maybe last) Pay-Per-View Pick 'Em Game RIGHT HERE on is drawing to a close. There are only two events remaining on the schedule: WWE Payback, which goes down one week from today in Chicago, Illinois, and WWE Money in the Bank, which goes down on July 14 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

That's after 13 events spanning both WWE and TNA.

Having gone this deep into the game, there have been a few Cagesiders who have very clearly separated themselves from the rest of the pack. So, with that in mind, we're going to cut the field down to the Top 10.

Going forward, we won't be needing picks from anyone outside of those participants. If you couldn't crack that illustrious group, consider yourself officially eliminated. That door over on the left? That's for you.

The rest of you have two events left to get yourself to the top so you can win that Big Gold Belt. And while the leader has a significant points advantage over the other nine participants, the Money in the Bank event will present an opportunity to make up that ground.

It's never over until it's over.

Without further ado, here are the lucky 10 who get to battle it out for the honor of being the most illogical Cagesider (because you would have to be to do so well at this game, right?):

1. bangarang18 - 168 points
2. Chris Hines - 161 points
3. J-Rodzilla - 160 points
4. AlexMathew.XtremeHardyholic - 155 points
5. punkedge826 - 154 points
6. ZeroIndulgence - 153 points
7. sioux1337 - 152 points
7. toughluck - 152 points
7. Dr Mcsexy - 152 points
10. Joel Hernandez - 151 points

The Pick 'Em Game returns this Friday for WWE Payback. If you are not any of the top folks listed above, you will not need to make any selections for the event, unless you want to do so for the sake of fun. We will not, however, tally your scores.

For those of you still going, make sure you don't forget.

Congratulations to those still in it to win it and good luck to all of you!

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