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Cageside Seats Greatest Finisher Tournament going on hiatus

The Cageside Seats Greatest Finisher Tournament will be going on a brief hiatus. Stick with us, Cagesiders, and don't worry, it will be back before you know it.

What's up, Cagesiders?

So we're roughly halfway through the Round of 32 in the Cageside Seats Greatest Finisher Tournament and I must say, it's probably the most fun -- or, at the very least, most interesting -- Tournament we've run here on the site. Plenty of upsets, lots of great discussion, and even some entertaining arguing.

Which is what makes this news a bit difficult to stomach.

Effective today, the Tournament is going on hiatus. Don't worry, don't worry, it's only for a few weeks while some things get sorted out on the back end. As with all things in life, there are bumps and hurdles in the road. That includes this very site right here, but we will overcome, this much I promise you. And before you know it everything will be right back to normal and we'll be arguing over whether or not the Stunner really is the best finisher ever.

The Tournament will resume starting on July 1, at which point you'll get to vote on the Sharpshooter, a three seed, and whether or not it's better than the Shining Wizard, an 11 seed. Me thinks that one won't be too difficult to decide.

Circle that date, folks, and come on back and vote again.