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On this date in WWF history: Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon steal the show at King of the Ring 2001

Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle nearly killed themselves in the name of entertainment on this date in WWF history when they met for a Street Fight at King of the Ring 2001.

If Shane McMahon is remembered for anything during his tenure with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), it was his willingness to sell his body out for whatever match he was in at the time. He was never the most polished performer but his unquestionable dedication to getting his opponent over by going to unheard of lengths made him a memorable character, at the very least.

Perhaps the worst beating of his pro wrestling career came on this date in WWF history (June 24, 2001) when he met up with Kurt Angle at King of the Ring for a Street Fight.

There wasn't a lot of build to the match. The World Championship Wrestling (WCW) Invasion storyline was just about to get underway and Shane had just revealed his plans while dumping on Angle. So they booked a match between the two on the same night Angle would be attempting to defend his King of the Ring crown.

During the course of the night, Angle wrestled three times, which equaled out to about 45 minutes worth of ring time. McMahon aided him in winning his opening match over Christian but then cost him the finals against Edge. This led to their showdown, which started off innocent enough. Angle mauled Shane for a while and after they went back-and-forth for a bit, the two made their way up the entrance aisle.

It was there that McMahon gave Angle a suplex that injured his tailbone. So when they got all the way to the stage set for a big spot where Angle was supposed to belly-to-belly suplex McMahon through some glass, he didn't have the strength to create enough force to actually break the glass.

So old Shane O'Mac landed on his head.

Being that he's insane and, as stated, will do anything to get the match over, McMahon told Kurt to do it again. The second time the glass broke. But instead of letting that be the lone high spot in the match, they actually decided to have Angle attempt to belly-to-belly suplex him through another pane of glass back out onto the entrance ramp.

Seriously, this man was nuts.

Not surprisingly, Angle's strength was low enough that, once again, the glass didn't break and McMahon landed on his head. Twice. Finally, the decision was made to just send him through face first.

As if that made it any better.

The finish came not long after but because they wanted to go out with a bang, Angle hit the Olympic Slam on McMahon from the top rope, despite a busted tailbone and despite Shane's concussion.

Both are alive today, thankfully.

The match:

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