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WWE names the top 10 Attitude Era catch phrases

WWE is back, via their YouTube channel, with another of their top ten lists. Check out The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and all your late 90s favorites in this compilation video. Then let us know what you think of their rankings.

WWE knows how to bait its fan base with lists ranking the top ten...fill in the blank here.

Well, they're at it again, this time via WWEFanNation, their designated YouTube channel. And it breaks down one of this marketing major's favorite parts of the pro graps game from what was perhaps the golden era of the form...Attitude Era catch phrases:

10. The Rock, "It doesn't matter..."

9. Edge & Christian, "For the benefit of those with flash photography..."

8. Val Venis, "Hellllooooo Ladies"

7. New Age Outlaws, "Ladiesandgentlemen, boysandgirls, childrenofallages - Degeneration X proudly brings to you..."

6. Vince McMahon, "You're Fired"

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin, "Austin 3:16 says...'"

4. Chris Jericho, "Welcome to...Raw. Is. Jericho!"

3. HHH, "For the thousands here in attendance tonight and the millions watching on TV, Let's Get Ready to..."

2. The Rock, "If Ya Smell..."

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin, "And that's the bottom line..."

Not a bad list, and I don't think you can argue with Rocky and the Rattlesnake being at the top or featured twice. I'm pretty sure they've got the wrong NAO catch phrase on here, though. And I know Kurt Angle's kind of on the outs with the Stamford, CT based WWE, but he needs to be on this list.

It's True. It's Damn True.

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