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TNA Slammiversary results: Kurt Angle inducted into Hall of Fame

Dixie Carter announced at the TNA Slammiversary pay-per-view tonight (June 2, 2013) in Boston that Kurt Angle is the second inductee into the company's Hall of Fame.

After over six years of loyal service, Kurt Angle has been inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, just the second member of the group, as announced at tonight's (Sun., June 2, 2013) Slammiversary pay-per-view (PPV) in Boston, Massachusetts.

Outside of maybe Jeff Jarrett, Angle is likely the most deserving of the honor, even with the fact that he's an active wrestler -- working tonight's show, even -- and even with the fact that he's recently spoken of making a return to WWE before he retires. That's not something the company had to worry about with Sting and wouldn't have to worry about with Jarrett but obviously felt comfortable with risking with Angle.

He debuted with the promotion in 2006 after his contract with WWE expired and they had grown tired of babysitting him with his drug issues being what they were and his physical condition deteriorating by the week. TNA took a chance on him and he's been a workhorse for them throughout his time there.

He also brought instant credibility when he showed up in the Impact Zone.

His list of accomplishments is impressive: Triple Crown winner, five time heavyweight champion, two time tag team champion, one time X Division champion, and two time King of the Mountain.

And now, Hall of Famer.

Agree with the decision? Or disappointed it wasn't someone who isn't still competing or currently signed with the company?

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