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TNA Slammiversary results and LIVE match coverage tonight (June 2) from Boston

We've got full results and live match coverage of the entire TNA Slammiversary pay-per-view tonight (June 2, 2013) live from Boston, Massachusetts. Tonight's event features Bully Ray vs. Sting for the heavyweight championship and much, much more.

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact Wrestling is all set to pop off with its Slammiversary event TONIGHT (Sun., June 2, 2013), from the Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view (PPV). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Slammiversary below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature Bully Ray defending the heavyweight championship against Sting in the main event, Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles just underneath that, the return of Jeff Hardy, and the announcement of the latest inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.

So kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage below.



Bully Ray def. Sting
Kurt Angle def. AJ Styles
James Storm & Gunnar Austin def. Aries & Bobby Roode and Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez and Bad Influence
Devon def. Joseph Park
Chris Sabin def. Kenny King and Suicide
Taryn Terrell def. Gail Kim
Jay Bradley def. Sam Shaw


Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


X-Division Championship Match: Kenny King (c) vs Chris Sabin vs Suicide

King bails to the outside as Suicide and Sabin seem to be working together against him.

Double team maneuvers from the challengers.

King and Sabin brawl to the outside and Suicide tries to scale the structure. King takes him down.

With Suicide down, King and Sabin brawl across the ring.

Suicide recovers and makes his presence known again but is taken out by Sabin.

Sabin works over King in the corner with some kicks and elbows.

Sabin with a tornado DDT on King using Suicide as his kick off point.

Sabin tries to scale the structure but is taken down by King.

King sends Suicide to the outside and then works a single leg Boston crab on King.

Suicide recovers and takes them both out and scales the structure.

Sabin and King work together to take him out and he monkey bars his way to the title.

The three men with a series of chain wrestling that last for a few minutes.

So many quick exchanges, that its hard to keep track of.

Suicide stops himself from a suicide dive and the jumps to the turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick to the outside on Sabin and King.

Sabin gets King and Suicide tied up in the corner and takes the chance to scale the structure.

They both recover and hit a double superplex on Sabin.

As all the men recover they hit get to the title on the ropes of the structure.

King and Suicide get knocked off and Sabin is alone with the title.

Sabin gets a hold of the title for the win!

Chris Sabin wins and is the new X Division Champion.


Hulk Hogan comes out as Sabin is celebrating. He puts Sabin over and says all the Hulkamaniacs need to get behind Sabin. He seems to promise him a shot at the World Title this summer.

Aces and 8's come out and they get into it with Hogan. Hogan starts to trash them and goes after Garrett and his Dad. This is how they are setting up the Six-Man Tag.


Magnus, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Hardy vs Aces and 8's

Hardy and Anderson start things off. Hardy quickly takes care of him and Briscoe tags in.

Hardy does the same to him and it's Bischoff's turn. Hardy with a shoulder lock and a tag in to Samoa Joe.

Joe just goes to town on Bischoff in the corner. A sustained assault of punches and kicks that lasts a good while.

Bischoff goes up top for a flying tackle and Joe just side steps it to laughs.

Each men gets a tag in and Magnus is toying with Anderson.

Anderson finally gets the upper hand and works a series of holds on Magnus.

Tag into Briscoe and he hits a suplex.

Aces and 8's starts using quick tags and offense as all three of them gets their licks in.

Magnus gets the hot tag into Hardy though and he lays out all three of them.

He hits the Whisper in the Wind on Briscoe and gets a two count.

Joe steps in to clear out Bischoff and Anderson.

Hardy goes for Whisper in the Wind and Bischoff knocks him off.

He taunts and gets taken out by Joe and Magnus.

Joe goes to the outside and takes out Anderson.

Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb on Briscoe for the win.

Hardy, Samoa Joe, and Magnus win by pinfall.


Borash in the back with Park. Park is being awesome as usual but then he gets laid out by Devon and DOC. They continue the assault out into the hall and Park is left bloody.


Sam Shaw vs Jay Bradley

Shaw with the early offense and is setting the pace. Bradley succeeds in slowing it down but Shaw is able to take back control.

Shaw playing the slow pace now with a series of headlocks.

Slam from Bradley sets him free.

Bradley with some headbutts and slams to wear down Shaw.

Bradley with a chinlock to to grind down the smaller man.

Shaw escapes and hits a Thesz Press.

Series of elbows and a dropkick from Shaw.

Bradley counters and hits a huge slam for the win.

Jay Bradley wins by pinfall and earns a spot in the BFG Series.


Aries and Roode with Borash. They say that they are the men to beat tonight. Roode warns Storm that Gunnar is no Bobby Roode.


Devon vs Joseph Park

Since Park hasn't come out, Devon has the ref start the match and count him out. That's it folks.

Devons wins by countout and retains as Television Champion.

Devon starts to call out Abyss which of course leads to him coming out.

Abyss vs Devon

Devon starting of strong in this one.

He continues to work Abyss in the corner and then starts to work the leg.

Abyss recovers and starts to take it to Devon.

Big chokeslam and then a Black Hole Slam for the win.

That was bad.

Abyss wins by pinfall and is new Television Champion.


Dixie Carter out to announce the newest inductee to the TNA HoF.

She asks the entire roster and staff out to the stage for the announcement.

It's Kurt Angle.

After a video package about him, Dixie talks up his Olympics win and crossing the line to TNA (because WWE kicked him over it).

Angle on the mic and he says thanks to his family and that he is humbled by the induction.

He starts to put over the roster and drops Jeff Jarrett's name.


Bad Influence with Borash and they are killing it. Probably the best part of the ppv so far.


Four Way Elimination Tag Team Championship Match

Daniels and Chavo starting things off.

Daniels with the early control but Chavo gets some help from Hernandez to take back control.

Hernandez tags in and locks in a bear hug.

Roode tags himself in and Storm does so as well.

They stare each other down and then start trading punches.

Storm with some clotheslines and then Gunnar tags in.

Roode tags in Hernandez and they flex at each other.

This leads to a shoving match and the two challenge each other to shoulder blocks.

Kazarian gets into the match and no everyone is brawling out the outside and there is a double back breaker in the ring.

It's just broken down into a mess until Aries and Roode clear the ring.

Storm and Gunnar then clear them out, followed by Bad Influence clearing them out.

Hernandez and Chavo then take their turn clearing things out.

Everyone eventually makes their way back into their place.

There are so many quick tags and offense that ends iwth Roode and Hernandez in the ring.

Aries tries to help his teammate but they get double suplexed by Hernandez.

Hernandez tags in Chavo and Kazarian gets in.

Chavo with the Three Amigos and Daniels gets in to take out Chavo with the Angels wings.

Gunnar takes out Daniels, Roodes takes out Gunnar, and then Storm takes out Roode.

Storm readies the last call but Daniels nails his knee from the outside with the tag belt.

Another series of single attacks breaks out and it ends with Daniels getting eliminated by DQ for using the belt against Chavo.

Aries takes advantage and pins Chavo. He then flies to the outside on Storm.

Roodes taking it to Gunnar in the ring and they work some double team moves.

Gunnar finally counters with a back breaker to Aries but Gunnar can't get the tag because Roode snuck around and pulled Storm off the apron.

Roode whips Aries so he can hit a flying clothesline on Gunnar.

Gunnar finally gets the tag into the injured Storm.

He tosses Aries out and then works over Roode with some kicks and a reverse neck breaker.

Draping DDT to Aries and then tags in Gunnar.

Gunnar with a torture rack on Roodes but Aries makes the save.

Dropkick from Aries, Spinebuster from Roodes, and 450 from ARies but it only gets a two count!

Storm rescues his partner and Aries eats a Last Call and then the Torture Rack from Gunnar.

Aries is forced to tap out.

James Storm and Gunnar win by pinfall and are the new Tag Team Champions.


Last Knockout Standing Match: Tarryn Terrell vs Gail Kim

Kim with the early control.

She locks in a submission and it takes a lot out of Terrell.

Kim now smashing Terrell's leg into the apron.

Kim goes to get a chair but Terrell recovers and takes control.

She goes for the crossbody but Kim uses the chair as a shield.

Kim wedges the chair in the corner and sets Terrell up in the corner.

She goes for a spear but Terrell dodges and Kim goes into the chair and post hard.

Terrell with a figure four on the ring post!

Terrell and Kim start brawling on the ramp to the stage.

Kim attempts a piledriver on the stage but Tarrell counters into a running bulldog off the elevated ramp to the ring!


Terrell answers the count but Kim can't and is your winner!

Taryn Terrell wins.


AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle

Styles sends Angle to the outside early.

They brawl on the outside before making it back into the ring.

Angle takes back control with a tilt a whirl back breaker.

Angle with a belly to belly suplex and then hits some strikes in the corner.

AJ with a punch and then works on the knee of Angle.

Springboard dropkick to Angle's knee.

Angle tries to take back control with a hip toss but Styles counters with a submission. Luckily Angle's momentum took him to the ropes.

Styles with kicks to Angle's leg.

Styles with a single leg Boston crab.

Angle slowly reverses into an Ankle Lock but Styles was able to get the rope.

Angle with a huge clothesline.

They begin to trade chops and bunches.

Angle ends it with a belly to belly suplex.

Spinebuster from Styles and a springboard moonsault for a two count.

Angle with German Suplex off the top rope but Styles lands on his feat! Angle hits a belly to belly into the corner!

Nearfall for Angle.

Styles with a series of strikes that puts Angle down.

Angle Slam gets a two count.

Style with the Calf Killer! Angle counters into an ankle lock!

Angle locks in the grapevine. Styles eventually rolls over and kicks Angle until he lets go of the hold.

Styles tangles Angle into the rope and hits a running dropkick.

Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Styles counters into a roll up which Angle counters into a double leg takedown for a pin.

Angle wins by pinfall.


TNA Championship Match (No Holds Barred): Bully Ray (c) vs Sting

Sting opens up strong with strikes in and out of the ring.

He isn't giving Bully a chance to do anything.

Bully finally gets some offense in and sends Sting careening to the outside.

On the outside and Bully is whipping Sting into anything and everything- the stairs, the barrier, and the posts.

Bully with a big clothesline and then Bully runs backstage.

He comes back out with a chair but misses and hits the posts.

Sting takes control of the chair and begins to decimate Bully with it.

After a sustained assault, Brooke makes her way out and she looks worried.

Sting goes to her and pleads with her to head to the back.

As Sting goes back to Bully, the champion hits a low blow to shift the tides.

Bully ray with the chair and then hits a piledriver! Only gets the two count.

Bully gets himself a table and powerbombs Sting through the table but only gets a two count!

Taz gives Bully a knife and he starts cutting off the mat covering and peeling the protective layers.

Sting recovers and goes for the Stinger Splash but misses. Bulyl Ray piledrives him onto the exposed part of the ring!

Two Count!

Bully goes for another piledriver but Sting hits the back body drop.

Sting goes for a piledrive now but Bully counters. He goes up top for a Senton but Sting dodges.

Sting goes for the pin and now Aces and 8's comes out for the beatdown.

Sting with some kicks to the crotch that clear out the Aces and 8's that made their way out.


Sting goes for the pin but Devon pulls the referee out.

Anderson tosses a hammer to Bully Ray. Bully uses it for the win.

Bully Ray wins by pinfall and retains as champion.

That was terrible

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