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TNA 'Slammiversary' Preview: Tag Team Championship

Eight men. Two belts. Four teams battle it out in an elimination match to determine the TNA tag team champions. Will Guerrero & Hernandez keep their titles, or will Aries & Roode, or Daniels & Kaz, regain them? Maybe Storm & Gunner win their first? It goes down on PPV tonight!


Four Team Elimination Tag Team Championship:

Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (c) vs. Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs. James Storm & Gunner vs. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

Three teams that have been dueling for quite some time, and one more recently formed by a guy who really doesn't like two of the other squads. Phew - this thing is more confusing that the Bully Ray - Brooke Hogan soap opera! One thing's for sure, though. Only one pair will leave the pay-per-view with the titles.

The Road to Slammiversary

Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian, at the time dubbing themselves "The World Tag Team Champions of the World" had a five month run with the straps last year. A run that was ended by the recently debuting former WWE star and Latino legend, Chavo Guerrero, and his partner Hernandez at Bound for Glory.

Guerrero and Hernandez survived several challenges for their titles, including TWTTCTW, over the next 100 days. But in England this past January, they were put down by uneasy allies and former World champions, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode.

The team stayed in pursuit of those belts, but a major impediment was the team they defeated for them. Now calling themselves Bad Influence, Kaz and Daniels were involved in a three-way rematch at Lockdown where Aries and Roode were able to hold onto their championship.

After another rematch was foiled by an assault from Aces & Eights, the make-up contest was won by the champs, informally referring to themselves as The Dirty Heels, after Bad Influence interfered by attacking Guerrero and Hernandez. The Mexican-Americans defeated the Fallen Angel and his partner in a #1 contenders match on Impact, and were successful in a 2 out of 3 falls match in front of a supportive Texas crowd to again become the kings of the tag team division.

Enter the Cowboy, James Storm. Following a defeat by the former World champ on Impact, Kaz joined his partner in kicking Storm's behind. Based on that rekindling of his history with Bad Influence (they were in the RIc Flair-formed Fourtune group that had feuded with the Hogan-Bischoff Immortal group), and his long history with Roode as partners in Beer Money, Inc, one of the greatest tag teams in TNA history, Storm was chosen as special guest referee for a #1 contenders batch between Kaz & Daniels and the Dirty Heels.

That match ended in a no contest when the Cowboy superkicked Aries and Daniels. With a triple threat already set for Slammiversary, Storm threw his hat into the ring and made it a four-way elimination match. His hand picked partner was a returning Gunner, who has been working in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) awaiting a chance to reappear and make an impact on the TNA scene.

What's at stake?

The tag team championship. Although, given the history of all the men involved here, the opportunity to commit violence against one another is probably as big of an incentive.

With the elimination rules in effect, the order of exits from the match could also dictate what's next for all involved. A strong showing would probably dictate a future, straight-up team vs team shot at whoever emerges as the division's standard-bearers. An quick departure would meaning heading to the back of the line, or maybe even a break-up for the partners involved.

Find out which of these four has what it takes to survive and lay claim to the TNA tag team championship, tonight on PPV and right here at Cageside Seats!

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