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WWE Payback results: AJ Lee wins the Diva's championship, taps Kaitlyn with the Black Widow

Kaitlyn's anger did indeed get the best of her in her match with AJ Lee tonight (Sun., June 16, 2013) at WWE Payback in Chicago, Illinois, as AJ won with the Black Widow submission to take the Diva's championship.

The storyline between the two may have run a bit long and featured a few black holes within the twists and turns of it, but the Diva's championship match between reigning titleholder Kaitlyn and number one contender AJ Lee at tonight's (Sun., June 16, 2013) WWE Payback event at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, had the most hype for any match involving women in years.

Hell, AJ's go home heel promo was better than any of the men on the roster, building interest in a match that should have happened months ago.

Well, it happened tonight and it while they didn't tear the house down, they certainly had a solid match relative to what was expected of them. AJ played the heel perfectly while Kaitlyn was good in her role as the babyface champion who is struggling through a rough patch thanks largely to said heel.

That included a well booked teased finish with Kaitlyn letting her anger get the best of her and missing out on winning the match thanks to wanting to punish AJ even further after hitting her spear.

It eventually led to Lee locking on the Black Widow submission and getting the tap to become Diva's champion.

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