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WWE Payback results and LIVE match coverage tonight (June 16) from Chicago

Complete results and live match coverage of the entire "Payback" pay-per-view (PPV) event from Chicago, Illinois, tonight (June 16, 2013) featuring John Cena vs. Ryback, the return of CM Punk, and more!

WWE Payback is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., June 16, 2013) from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view (PPV). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Payback below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature John Cena vs. Ryback in a 3 Stages of Hell match for the WWE championship, CM Punk's return in his hometown to take on Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio for the world heavyweight title and much, much more.

Kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!



John Cena def. Ryback
Alberto Del Rio def. Dolph Ziggler
CM Punk def. Chris Jericho
The Shield def. Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan
Dean Ambrose def. Kane
Curtis Axel def. Wade Barrett and The Miz
AJ Lee def. Kaitlyn
Sheamus def. Damien Sandow



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


An awesome opening sequence involving Chicago gangsters.


Intercontinental Championship Match: Wade Barrett (c) vs Curtis Axel vs Miz

Miz with early control as Axel just chills on the outside.

Barrett with a clothesline on Miz and he takes control.

After some Barrett offense, Axel decides to get briefly involved but quickly gets back outside.

Barrett is dominating the Miz and Axel only makes his way into the ring to break up covers.

Barrett has some words for Axel and that gives Miz a change to recover.

Barrett snuffs out Miz's comeback and then goes to work on Axel.

Axel crotches Barrett and then knocks him to the outside.

He goes after Miz with a great looking dropkick.

Miz is just being the whipping boy for Axel right now.

Axel working a methodical and grinding offense.

A series of forearms from Axel as he continues to dismantle the Miz bit by bit.

Miz with an attempted comeback but a german suplex takes care of that.

Barrett finally makes his way back into with a series of kicks to Axel.

Miz finally gets some extended offense in to both Barrett and Axel.

Axel hits the Perfectplex on Barrett but Miz breaks the count!

A big scramble leads to Miz hitting the Skull Crushing Finale on Axel. Barrett tosses him though and goes for the cover. Miz pulls him out at two!

Miz tries to cover now but only gets a two count.

The men all start scrapping and it leads to Miz locking in the Figure Four on Barrett!

After a stretch Axel covers Barrett and gets the pin while Miz has the Figure Four locked in! New IC Champ.

Axel wins by pinfall and is the new Intercontinental Champion!


In the back and Axel runs into HHH. They have a stare down as Vince enters the scene and congratulates Axel.

As Axel and Heyman leaves, Vince offers his hand to HHH. HHH declines it and walks away.


Diva's Championship Match: Kaitlyn (c) vs AJ

Kaitlyn brawling to start and tosses AJ to the outside and then over the announcing table.

AJ turns the tides and starts to work some punches and hits a dropkick.

Big E is apparently at ring side.

AJ with some neckbreakers.

Couple of rest holds and then a spinning back kick from AJ.

Kaitlyn with a dropkick.

AJ tries for her submission but Kaitlyn is able to shake her off.

Kaitlyn rips off AJ's belt and then tries to drag her back into the ring.

AJ grabs the belt and uses it to knockout Kaitlyn as the reg is distracted.

AJ goes up top for a crossbody. Kaitlyn catches her and tries for a slam but AJ locks in her submission.

Kaitlyn eventually counters into a back breaker and then her spear.

She doesn't go for the cover and instead blows a kiss at her before slamming her head into the mat.

Now she covers but only gets a two.

After a scramble, AJ has the submission locked in again and Kaitlyn eventually taps.

AJ wins by submission and is the new Divas Champion.

Post match and they linger on Kaitlyn crying.

Out comes Layla to comfort her.


United States Championship Match: Dean Ambrose (c) vs Kane

Ambrose and Kane brawling to start things off.

After some internet issues I am back.

Ambrose is working the leg throughout the match.

Ambrose tries for the Old School but Kane pulls him down and starts in with a series of ships and clohtesline.

Sideslam for a two count.

He readies the chokeslam but Ambrose bails to the apron. He eats a big boot though that sends him to the floor.

Kane with some punches and then he starts taking apart the Spanish Announcer's Table.

Ambrose recovers and hits a DDT on the outside for a ten count!

Ambrose wins by count out and retains and United States Champion.


Promo video announces RVD's return at Money in the Bank.


World Heavyweight Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

Huge Ziggler chants.

He opens up with some strikes and a dropkick.

Del Rio recovers with a tilt a whirl back breaker. Ziggler head to the outside to collect himself.

Dueling Ziggler and Del Rio chants now as he works over Ziggler in the corner.

Ziggler selling as if the concussion is still affecting him.

Del Rio comes in with a kick and some stomps.

Suplex from Del Rio for a two count.

Ziggler charges Del Rio who sends him to the outside.

Big E tries to get involved and gets into a shoving match with Del Rio. The ref sends him to the back.

Big E is not pleased and is jawing at the ref big time.

The time gives Ziggler time to recover and land a bunch of punches to Del Rio.

Del Rio with a head kick for a two count.

Del Rio with forearms to the back of Ziggler and tries for a suplex. Ziggler counters with a sleeper hold!

Del Rio is able to break the hold.

He keeps the assault on Ziggler and goes for the arm bar but Ziggler counters into a swinging neck breaker.

Ziggler tries to follow up but loses his balance.

Del Rio and Ziggler struggling up top and Del Rio hits a huge inverted suplex for a two count.

Ziggler on the outside and Del Rio hits a drop kick to the back of his head as a medic tries to check on Dolph.

They are playing up Del Rio as the heel now.

He evens kicks AJ's newly won title around.

He continues to work Ziggler's head and Ziggler is selling it big time. They are going double turn here.

Ziggler tries to counter with a Zig Zag but only gets a two count.

Del Rio takes back control.

Del Rio with a superkick to Ziggler's head that ends it for Ziggler.

Del Rio wins and is the new World Heavyweight Champion.


After the go back to the experts Del Rio comes out for a promo.

He is going on and on about deserving to be the champion and he is being showered with boos.


Chris Jericho vs CM Punk

Punk and Jericho with some chain wrestling to start.

Jericho with a hammer lock and the crowd showers the boos on him.

Punk with a snapmare.

Dropkick from Punk to Jericho and he follows up with a side head lock.

Shoulders to the gut of Jericho from Punk

Punk starts to work over the should of Jericho.

Slam from Jericho and a clothesline that sends him over the rope.

Jericho with a baseball slide to Punk.

Punk back in the ring and he exchanges a series of holds with Jericho.

Punk takes control with some chops and he tries to work a new submission on Jericho.

After Jericho escapes, Punk is a bit winded and they are playing it big on the announcing.

Jericho with a dropkick and some shoulder blocks.

Punk thinks he sent Jericho to the outside but eats a double axe handle from the turnbuckle instead.

Punk with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count.

Jericho with the Walls of Jericho and Punk is struggling.

Punk with the escape and he slaps on a standing anaconda vice.

Punk slams Jericho down and sinks the Vice in deeper.

Jericho finally gets his foot to the rope to make the save.

Punk and Jericho with a crazy flurry of slams and strikes that ends with Punk on the turnbuckle.

Punk hits the flying elbow!


Jericho kicks out at two!

Jericho goes for the codebreaker and Punk counters. He sends Jericho to the outside and follows up with a suicide dive!

Punk goes for a hurricarana and Jericho gets the Walls! He transitions to a single leg and Punk eventually escapes.

Punk hits two GTS' to finally put Jericho down.

CM Punk wins by pinfall.


Tag Team Championship Match: Shield (c) vs Bryan and Orton

Reigns and Bryan start things off.

Reigns with spears in the corner and then Bryan with kicks in the corner.

Bryan with his back flip spot but Reigns snuffs him out quickly.

Headbutt and then some punches.

Rollins gets a cheap shot in before tagging in.

Rollins with stomps in the corner.

After some more strikes he tags back in Reigns who works a headlock.

Bryan elbows his way out but Reigns with some big knees.

Bryan with a dropkick and he makes his way to Orton as Reigns does the same.

Both men get the tag.

Orton with some clotheslines and a scoop slam.

Was going for a draping DDT on Rolling but Reigns interferes and ends up taking it.

Rollins with a big boot. He tries to go off the top rope but Orton hits a scoop slam.

He then hits a draping DDT on Rollins.

He tries to follow up but Reigns hits an amazing Superman Punch from the floor!

Orton and Rollins continue to trade control and offense as neither man can truly gain the upper hand.

Rollins and Reigns start to echange quick tags as they prevent Orton from getting the tag.

He finally gets the hot tag and Bryan goes to town on the Shield.

Bryan goes for a suicide dive and he hits Orton instead as the dodge!

They make their way back to the ring and everyone starts to brawl.

Finishers are coming out of no where and from everyone!

The craziness ends with Rollins getting the pin on Bryan!


Three Stages of Hell WWE Championship Match

Start things off with the lumberjack match.


Ryback with the early offense and he hits a couple of slams.

Cena tries to take control but gets sent out.

The face lumberjacks clear the way for him and prevent the heels from touching him as Cena climbs back in.

Ryback quickly takes back control with some punches and slams.

Cena gets sent out again and the lumberjacks get a little hands on with him.

Ryback with a series of small stomps to Cena.

He tries to send Cena out and gets sent out himself.

The heel lumberjacks don't mess with him.

Cena with a side slam and goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

Ryback counters and presses him into a bunch of lumberjacks.

The lumberjacks with a quick beatdown on Cena.

Ryback then ends up on the outside and a brawl between the lumberjacks emerge.

Cena comes off the top rope with a splash onto the brawl.

Drop toe hold and STF from Cena to Ryback.

Ryback escapes and hits the Shell Shock for the win.

Ryback wins by pinfall.

Time for the Tables match.

Ryback opens up with a huge spear in the corner and hurries for a table.

Ryback keeps the assault up and then sets up the table in the ring.

Ryback goes for a clothesline but Cena sends him to the outside.

The stairs are being used as a weapon by Ryback. He nails Cena repeatedly but Cena eventually counters.

He goes to set the table back up and Ryback recovers.

Ryback tries to hit him again but Cena dodges and Ryback destroys the table with the steps.

Cena with a side slam and Five Knuckle Shuffle.

Ryback pops up and hits a Spinbuster.

Follows up with a meathook clohtesline.

Ryback goes for the Shell Shock but Cena escapes and hits the AA on Ryback through a table for the win.

Cena wins Tables Match.

Ambulance match time.

Ryback sends Cena to the outside and disassembles the announcing table.

Cena and Ryback brawl their way up to the ambulance and start throwing each other into it.

The driver's side door comes off and Cena hits Ryback with it. He tries to put Ryback in the ambulance but Ryback fights out.

Ryback rips a panel off the ambulance and starts to hit Cena with it.

Ryback sets up for a powerslam but Cena reverses to a back body drop onto the hood.

Cena climbing the ambulance now and Ryback follows him up.

Cena hits Ryback with the siren.

Ryback finally makes it up and Cena is hitting him with a crutch.

He smiles for the crowd and hits the AA on top of the ambulance that puts Ryback through the roof for the victory.

Cena wins ambulance match and retains as WWE Champion.


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