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Slapstick Saturday: The catering is bad, but not that bad

Welcome to another edition of "Slapstick Saturday," Cagesiders, where your old pal Hulk Holland pokes fun at every botch, blooper and bomb the world of professional wrestling has ever given us.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

With IMPACT! Wrestling hosting its Slammiversary event tomorrow night (Sun., June 8, 2013) from the Agganis Arena on the campus of Boston University, in Boston, Mass., it seemed only fitting to dedicate this week's edition of Slapstick Saturday to the boys in TNA.

But it's not worth losing your lunch over.

Unless, of course, your name is Austin Watson, doing work under the "Consequences Creed" moniker on Oct. 1, 2009. Creed was part of a five-man ladder match for a future X-Division title shot and when he took a hurricanrana from "Amazing Red," the Georgian bounced his head off the canvas, causing him to projectile vomit.

"Droz" would be proud.


Upon seeing the vomit, ringside color commentator "Tazz" didn't miss a beat. "I know our catering is bad, but it's not that bad." Watson was released a few months later after not being used in the storylines, but kept himself busy on the independent circuit before finally ending up in NXT.

Anyone else hear Vince McMahon in the back of their heads? "He's gonna puke! He's gonna puke! He's gonna puke!"

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