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TNA 'Slammiversary' Preview: Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

A woman with multiple championships across several companies looks to end the referee-turned-rival who has filled her 2013 with frustration. It's a Knockouts grudge match on pay-per-view this Sunday!


Knockouts Match:

Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

A two-time Knockouts champion who feels that poor refereeing is the only thing that prevented her from becoming a three-time Knockouts champion. The official that she blames, hanging up her stripes and transforming herself into a wrestler so that she doesn't have to suffer the former champ's complaints and threats.

This epic drama will come to a reckoning at Slammiversary.

The Road to Slammiversary

At Genesis, Gail Kim took part in a five woman gauntlet match to determine the #1 contender for the Knockouts title, TNA's women's championship. Although she outlasted Miss Tessmacher, Mickie James and ODB, she was eliminated by Velvet Sky when referee Taryn Terrell didn't realize that Kim's foot was under the ropes.

Despite being unable to reclaim the #1 contendership nor the title in contests where Terrell wasn't a factor, Gail continued to blame the blonde for coming up short.

When she received a shot at then champion Sky at Lockdown, Taryn attacked her before the bell. Kim again couldn't take back the title. She did take it our on the referee when she attacked her backstage during a referee.

Knockouts General Manager Brooke Hogan placed Terrell on probation, but she wasn't able to contain her frustration and slapped the brunette - leading to a loss for Gail and her partner Tara in their match against Velvet and current champ Mickie James.

Referee Terrell was fired as a result of her actions. But Hogan hired wrestler Taryn on the spot. A wrestler who earned a roll-up victory over Gail Kim in a solo match.

That lose put Kim over the edge. The next time the two face each other, Gail lost it and put TT is a ring-post figure four. That wasn't enough though, as in subsequent weeks Kim would attacked both her rival VelVel and her former ally Tara with the same maneuver.

Now it falls to the former referee to put her down.

What's at stake?

This is personal, and has been for some time.

A singles victory over one of the most decorated women in recent pro wrestling history would mark Taryn Terrell as a competitor to be taken seriously.

Putting the blonde in her rear view would move Gail Kim that much closer to reclaiming the Knockouts belt.

Check out Slammiversary on Sunday to find out who earns a victory, and stick with Cageside Seats for all of the results and fallout from the PPV!

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