Bray Wyatt: The implications of the Wyatt family's addition to the main WWE roster

We all saw the promo last night (May 27, 2013) for Bray Wyatt/The Wyatt family. If you didn't, you can click here to check it out. It's well worth your time.

We all marked out because it was reassuring to see them being called up. And we all had different opinions on when, how, and in what capacity they would be brought in. Some (according to their comments) worry that WWE will once again ruin not only the careers but also the momentum of promising young talent. I share some of those sentiments yet I wholly believe this time will be different. Why?

Because I think WWE understands the brevity of what the Wyatt family being added to the main roster exemplifies.

It exemplifies the future. It exemplifies a shift towards a more edgy and engaging product. I think we are all familiar with the persona/actions of Bray Wyatt's character, so I won't get into detailing that. Again, you can click here to read more about it if you don't know.

But because of what his character is and what that character does, it represents a shift in programming. Let's face it: if WWE keeps his character fully intact as it is right now when he debuts, he is probably going to scare plenty of children. I think it's entirely possible WWE knows this, wants this to happen, and is banking on setting a new tone for future programming as a result.

Personally, I cannot wait for this to happen. It is the perfect character, at the perfect time, in the perfect context. And the social commentary/art imitating life factor that Wyatt's character brings to the table on a mass market scale is an underestimated ground-breaker/game-changer.

The writing on the wall is there for us to see. The potential implications of this are staggering. Speaking simply as a fan, though, I'm excited. I'm ready for it.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Am I over-exaggerating? Am I drawing false conclusions? I would really love to hear what the rest of you think on this topic, because like I stated above I think this is a potential game-changer.

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