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Lanny Poffo talks Macho Man Randy Savage going into the WWE Hall of Fame

Has Lanny Poffo finally given WWE his blessing on inducting Macho Man Randy Savage into its Hall of Fame? Well, kind of.

Frank Micelotta

In an outstanding article detailing the final days of Macho Man Randy Savage's life, Keith Elliot Greenberg at Bleacher Report got some interesting quotes from Lanny Poffo on his brother and his status in regards to the WWE Hall of Fame. Pro wrestling fans the world over have clamored for Savage's induction but there has always been one major hurdle holding up the proceedings.

The fact that Poffo has said he'll only accept the induction if the entire family goes in alongside Randy.

Lanny's reasoning for this is due to many conversations he had with Macho Man during the later stages of his life when he explicitly stated that that was how it was going to be and that's all there is to it. Now that Savage is dead, it has put Lanny in a difficult position, one he wouldn't lament being rid of.

He talked about just that and interestingly enough, gave his blessing to WWE in the only way he could that still allows him to back his lost brother:

"On the one hand, I'm so appreciative of Vince McMahon for everything he did for me. I mean, when I was The Genius, managing Mr. Perfect, I was in main events and on the Regis show-me, a career jabroni. That's because of Vince. And the fans deserve to see Randy in the Hall of Fame. But I have to support my brother. I just think it's absolutely insane that I'm stuck in the middle. This is the quandary I'm in.

"So here's the way I feel about WWE. If you think the Von Erichs were better than the Poffos, that's your prerogative. If you want Randy in against his wishes, you have my permission to do it without my permission. But don't invite me because I won't attend. I don't need the 30 pieces of silver."

Savage absolutely should be in the Hall of Fame, if for no other reason that he is one of the greatest performers in the history of the industry. It's just too bad that if it happens, it would have to be under these circumstances.

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