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Extreme Rules results: John Cena does stretcher job, apparently for no reason

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John Cena did a stretcher job at Extreme Rules last night (May 19, 2013) following his match with Ryback, which didn't really have a finish. Apparently, there was no reason for him to do so either, making the non-finish even more maddening.


The WWE championship match between John Cena and Ryback that took place last night (Sun., May 19, 2013) at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view (PPV) at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri, did not have a finish, or at least it didn't appear to when watching it live.

It turns out, it did.

Here's what happened: The two battled hard through a Last Man Standing match until Ryback picked Cena up and put him through the stage set up. Both men were incapacitated to the point that trainers and referees interrupted the proceedings to tend to each man, though Ryback was able to get up and walk away with assistance while Cena did a stretcher job.

That left everything in doubt. Oddly enough, WWE cleared it all up in a small blurb in its preview of Monday Night Raw later on this evening on

Last night's brutal Last Man Standing Match between WWE Champion John Cena and Ryback ended in viciously indecisive fashion - neither man was able to answer the 10-count after crashing through the stage, causing Cena to retain his title by default. With Ryback having come closer than ever to seizing the WWE Title for himself, look for the "Human Wrecking Ball" to make another play for the title as WWE Payback approaches. As for Cena, he dodged the proverbial bullet Sunday, so look for Ryback to strike while The Champ is still in his weakened state.

So Cena won by default because neither of the two could answer the 10 count, even though it wasn't clear on the broadcast that a referee even counted to 10.

Got it.

So what of the stretcher job? That blurb makes it seem as though Cena won't be missing much time at all. Apparently, that's exactly the case, based on the video posted showing Cena refusing to go to the hospital:

Essentially, there was no reason at all to do this match and the stretcher job was completely pointless. No one won, no one lost, and no one actually got hurt.

Thanks, WWE!