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WWE 'Extreme Rules' Preview: Mark Henry vs. Sheamus

The Celtic Warrior and the World's Strongest Man take part in a match from pro wrestling's history books, as they'll be tied together in a strap match! Under such extreme circumstances, who will be able to do what he do, fella?


Strap Match:

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

One of the WWE's biggest bullies is the target of some rightful vengeance from the World's Strongest Man.

The Road to Extreme Rules

After a less than impressive victory over the Ryback at WrestleMania, wig splitter extraordinaire Mark Henry has been looking to make some major statements. Going back to his roots, Henry has been engaging in various competitions and feats of strength.

One man has stood in the way of these friendly contests - Sheamus.

WWE's biggest bully has been constantly flouting the rules and common decency because he cannot best the World's Strongest Man in fair competition. From tug of war to arm wrestling, at the first sign of losing, Sheamus has brogue kicked Henry and villainy has reigned supreme.

(Editor's Note: to be fair, Henry did start it with a delicious bit of backstage, blindside tackling)

This unsportsmanlike treatment by the Irishman finally pushed the Olympic weightlifter too far. Looking for something to show the Great White how he felt, he reached for a belt and used it to raise welts all over Sheamus' body.

Somewhere in between the belt lashings and the tug of war, WWE had the idea to make their contest at the pay-per-view a strap match. The two rivals will be tethered together at the wrist - the first man who touches all four ringposts, dragging his opponent with him if necessary - will be declared the winner.

What's at stake?

Will Sheamus' campaign of violence and bullying continue? Or will Mark Henry represent Be a STAR proudly and score a victory for righteousness?

Keep with Cageside Seats, where every day is a HOSS FIGHT, for the outcome of this and the matches at Extreme Rules!