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WWE 'Extreme Rules' Preview: Dean Ambrose vs. Kofi Kingston

It might be hastily booked, but it could also be historic. Dean Ambrose fights for The Shield's first solo title. But with Kofi Kingston striving to climb the ranks of WWE once again, he's sure to give unhinged justice-seeker all he's got. Who will leave St. Louis with the strap?


United States Championship:

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

The United States champion has a career full of secondary title runs during his time in WWE. The volatile young member of The Shield is looking for his first taste of a championship in the largest wrestling company in the world.

The Road to Extreme Rules

The wildcat was able to dethrone the man who had worn the red, white and blue belt for 2/3 of a year when he beat Antonio Cesaro. The high flier backed it up by also winning the rematch on Main Event.

There's not a terribly long history between Kingston and Dean Ambrose. They first collided when Ambrose and his Shield-mates Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins faced the champ and the Uso twins in a six-man tag match on May 6th. In a hard fought match, the hound of justice pinned Kofi. And his eyes betrayed his intentions as he openly stared at the belt.

Later that week, Ambrose was locked up one-on-one against tag team champion Daniel Bryan. Rollins and Reigns, themselves headed for their first title shot on Sunday night against Bryan and his Team Hell No partner Kane, couldn't resist getting involved for their brother in arms. Kane and the Boom-meister came to the rescue. As they ran off the trio, it was clear to see that Kofi and Dean were on a collision course.

Just this past Monday night, this US title tilt was made official, and this rivalry looks to become one for the record books.

What's at stake?

Kingston is rumored to be getting another shot at moving up the card. Ambrose seems assured of a trip to the main event.

Who's journey to the top is shorter after this match, and who's trip will be detoured or derailed? Find out when two of the most exciting and unpredictable men in WWE face-off at Extreme Rules!

And remember to stick with Cageside Seats for blow-by-blow coverage of the fight for the US championship, and all the bouts on Sunday night's show!