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WWE 'Extreme Rules' Preview: Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

The time for dancing is over. Fandango and Y2J face the music on Sunday, May 19th with futures and reputations set to be determined to a score of moonsaults and leg drops.


WrestleMania 29 Re-Match:

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

The legendary Y2J looks to avenge his loss on the Grandest Stage of All against the cocky upstart with moves like Jagger.

The Road to Extreme Rules

What started as a coincidental run-in during an interview led to one of the biggest upsets in WrestleMania history.

Jericho repeatedly and deliberately mispronounced Fandango's name during their first meeting. The egotistical rookie is very particular about his name. A series of physical encounters outside of sanctioned contests later, and the rookie was booked into his debut match - at the Granddaddy of Them All.

The lionheart took the action to the newcomer early, but perhaps he got a little too comfortable as he was looking up at the lights and Fandango was 1 - 0 all time.

On the Raw after the big night, a smart crowd made Fandango's theme song their own and the first undisputed world champ in WWE history made it clear that he wasn't done with the hoofer. Jericho attacked him during his match, earning him his second win via disqualification.

This would continue back and forth, just as it had in the lead up to last pay-per-view (PPV), until "judging" led by the Fozzy front man would declare R-Truth a superior dancer and cause Fandango to storm out of the match and take his first loss.

Dancing with the Stars collided with pro wrestling on the last Raw before Extreme Rules. Before any footwork could begin, Fandango's partner, Summer Rae, would con Y2J into thinking that she was injured and that her man was treating her poorly. When Jericho did the gentlemanly thing, Fandango attacked.

Now, for the second time, these two will go head-to-head in an official match.

What's at stake?

The former Johnny Curtis looked like he might be capital 'B' big shortly after 'Mania. But WWE couldn't leave the organic fan reaction to the Fandango character and his catchy theme song alone, and, for some, his momentum was hindered.

Chris Jericho has been of a mind to make new stars in the twilight of his career. A guy with an old-school, territories mentality, he is happy to entertain fans and not worry about wins and losses.

What seemed like a sure thing a month ago is very much in doubt as we head into the May PPV. Fandango's future and Y2J's reputation as a star-maker are both on the line at Extreme Rules.

Forget the dance floor - will the nine-time Intercontinental champion take the upstart to wrestling school?

Stick with Cageside Seats for the results of this one and every match from St. Louis!