The Bret Hart Wrestler Rating System

So I am reading Bret Hart's autobiography and in it he presents his wrestler rating system:

Physical presence/look ("its more important to look tough than be tough especially for a heel") on a Scale 1-10

Mic Skills ("ability to talk, sell yourself") on a scale of 1-10

In ring ability ("wrestling talent, abilty to work") on a scale of 1-10

Add those 3 up and a score in high 20s is a great wrestler.

For context, he provides scores for himself and Hulk Hogan in 1989

Bret Hart:

Look: 7 ("good muscular frame")

Mic- 4 ("lucky to be a 4")

In ring- 10 (no justification given)

Hulk Hogan:

Look: 10 ("awesome specimen")

Mic: 10

In ring: 2

He also gave a partial rating of the Dynamite Kid

Mic- 2

In ring- 10

So with this in mind, let us use this system to rate current wrestlers. I will start:


Look: 6 (he looks about the same as Bret Hart, maybe a bit less muscular. But the tatoos mitigate that.)

Mic: 10 (is there any argument against this?)

In-ring: 9 (seems fair)

Total: 25

John Cena

Look: 8 (looks the part of a wresltler, maybe a bit short)

Mic: 8 (as annoying as he is, he has the abilty to work a crowd)

In ring: 6 ( he is a good worker, but not the best)

Total: 22

So what do you think? How does Daniel Bryan score? Randy Orton? Dolph Ziggler? Discuss

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