My Wrestlemania Weekend

I’m not much of a writer and there is so much I’m forgetting that I don’t think I can tell you how amazing this weekend has been. From wrestlecon, to the shows, to the atmosphere, to the people. It was a great weekend to be in NJ.

Again, since I’m not much of a writer I’ll tell you the best of this mania weekend in convenient bullet form.

  • First of all, I don’t know why New Jersey gets such a bad rap for being an awful place. It is great and fuck anyone who thinks otherwise.
  • I went to Wrestlecon to see some wrestlers and get a DDP autograph for my brother. I got it and DDP and Jake Roberts were really nice to everyone.
  • I wanted a Bobby Heenan autograph, but he looked in such bad shape I didn’t even dare to ask for one.
  • Bought 3 shirts from wrestlers themselves. Young Bucks and Player Dos were really nice people. Chuck Taylor was unbelievably nice and gave me a free shot of whiskey. Thank you Mr. Taylor, you are a gentleman and a scholar.
  • I forgot how big of an event Wrestlemania/Wrestlecon was. I met people from Ireland, Australia and Quebec. Everyone was nice and cordial, which made the weekend that much better.
  • I almost froze my face off… in april. Get your shit together U.S. weather.
  • Sami Callihan worked his ass off this weekend. I tip my hat in his direction.
  • I have never booed anyone as hard as I booed Donald Trump. Seriously, fuck him.
  • I love you Chipotle, I will miss you.

Now on to the shows

  • EVOLVE had a nice opening show, Young Bucks and SSB had a great match. AR Fox won the EVOLVE championship but I’m not a big AR Fox fan so it was meh.
  • CZW surprised me with a pretty good show and now I can say that I saw a deathmatch live. Jun Kasai is crazy and he has the scars to prove it.
  • Kaiju Big Battel had the hottest crowd of the entire weekend. Sadly, there were some fans that wanted to be the star of the show themselves so it kinda hampered my ability to enjoy the show to the fullest.
  • I wouldn’t call myself a fan of female wrestling, but SHIMMER delivered one of the best cards of the weekend from top to bottom with great action and great matches.
  • CHIKARA also delivered with an amazing show, from funny stuff to great action. Some douchebags called Eddie Kingston "John Cena" they got a ton gue lashing from Kingston but the dude is so intense I thought he was gonna jump the barricade and beat the shit out of them.
  • DGUSA’s 1st show was one of the most action packed shows I’ve ever seen. I’d give each and every match at least 3 stars.
  • DGUSA’s 2nd show was not as good as the first one since the crowd was more pumped for mania, but it did deliver some great matches.
  • ‘Mania had some great moments but the wrestling fell short compared to other show and honestly, that atmosphere can make shit smell good and by shit I mean HHH-Lesnar.

If you have any questions or anything to say I’ll try to be as active as possible answering everything.

I did it, and you should do it to. Go to all the shows during mania weekend, you won’t regret it.

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