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On this date in WWF history (Apr. 8): The Ultimate Warrior returns to Monday Night Raw

On April 8, 1996, The Ultimate Warrior returned to "Monday Night Raw". And Goldust was waiting for him --


On April 8, 1996, The Ultimate Warrior made his return to World Wrestling Federation (WWF) by way of Monday Night Raw, complete with introduction from company chairman Vince McMahon.

Warrior's third appearance for the pro wrestling conglomerate actually started at WrestleMania XII, where he squashed (of all people) Hunter Hearst Helmsley (HHH). Raw, however, was his "official" return to the active roster.

And someone was waiting for him.

That "someone" would be WWF Intercontinental Champion Goldust, which made an interesting contrast to the fast-talking rambler from parts unknown. They would go on to battle for Goldy's title, but a series of ambiguous finishes and herky-jerky booking kept him from claiming the strap.

Warrior was sent packing not long after. WWF claims he used his father's death as an excuse to miss bookings, while Hellwig claims it was a legitimate request.

See his return to Raw below:

Goldust vs. Ultimate Warrior IC Title Match... by ShatteredDreamsProduction

Anyone think Warrior didn't get a fair shake? Or was he just being a little too wacky for his own good?


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