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On This Date in WWF History (Apr.6): Kane lights his parents' graves on fire to punish the Undertaker

Kane gets back at the Undertaker is typical Kane fashion -- he lights his parents' grave on fire.


Ah, Sibling rivalry. In the vein of the Menendez brothers, the "parents of destruction" were killed by their own offspring when Undertaker burned down the family funeral home, which also happened to disfigure his brother Kane's face. Fortunately the scars cleared up in time for his eventual unmasking.

Anyway, on the April 6, 1998 episode of World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Monday Night RAW, Paul Bearer and Kane helped advance the Taker-Kane angle (Inferno match at Unforgiven) by heading out to the cemetery where the parents were buried, where "The Big Red Machine" proceeded to smash the tombstones of his parents with a sledgehammer. Trips woulda been proud.

As Undertaker watched on in disbelief, Kane them dumped some sort of fuel all around the gravesite and lit it on fire, as Paulie B. yammered on with that hideous stage voice. See it all down (and up) right here:

Any burning questions after watching that video?


And now, from the desk of our CSS Senior Editor, for your viewing pleasure we bring to you:

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