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Precap to the April 5, 2013 episode of WWE SmackDown, or the one before WrestleMania 29

Previewing the April 5, 2013 episode of WWE "SmackDown", featuring the final push to "WrestleMania 29"

An Empty Show! The Go-Home Travesty! The! Last! Show!

This is usually the space where I tell you, dear Cagesiders, about the different angles that will populate the show. About the main event, the midcard, the feuds and storylines that will be advanced. This is where I review what happened, predict what will happen, and judge how well everything is going.

Unfortunately, after taking a peak at the spoilers, it seems WWE has cut my legs out from under me.

With WrestleMania 29 just a few days away, one might think this SmackDown would represent a final push. One last chance to really sell the WWE Universe on the biggest show of the year. This week should have been something special.

It was far, far from it.

WWE has not been bringing it during its go-home shows for awhile now. For some reason, be it the writers, producers, talent, or some combination of the three, there has been a feeling of apathy. It becomes tough to watch the promotion try to sell a show when it is bringing garbage to the table. I know the buyrates have stabilized recently, so this isn't necessarily a cry that the sky if falling.

But as a fan, it has not been fun.

Now, as "The Road to WrestleMania reaches its conclusion, I look back at what WWE has offered us.

And it has not been good. At all.

Monday Night Raw has been hit and miss, usually with a few good segments coupled with meaningless crap. SmackDown went from churning out great shows at the beginning of the year to becoming painful to watch. I've witnessed the worst episodes of Main Event's short life in the span of just a few weeks. March was a disgraceful month for the largest sports entertainment company in the world.

And I'm scratching my head why.

Things should be better. Things should be exciting. Everyone should be working together to put on the best damn shows of the year. Every single storyline should lead to this one point on the calendar. Things should have been planned and executed to perfection.

Yet here we are. The last show before WrestleMania 29. And honestly I wouldn't blame a single one of you if you refused to turn in.

I understand the show was taped on Monday night (April 1), which means everyone is limited in what they can do. But this has been continuing for a month now. There is no reason for SmackDown to be so damn boring to watch.

If there is anyone at WWE who sees what is airing and is proud, they deserve to be fired immediately.

So tonight we will receive about half a show filled with footage from Axxess. It will be a skeleton show with no purpose other than to fulfill a contractual obligation. There will be little that happens, and probably nothing of importance. WWE will limp across the finish line.

And the worst part is WrestleMania 29 will break the buyrate record. Because WWE will make millions in spite of its on screen product.

Hopefully, this has prepared you for scared you away from the night's festivities. Leave a comment below about what you are looking forward to why you don't want to watch the show, and please join the entire CSS Friday night gang whoever actually shows up in the live blog TONIGHT!

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