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On This Date in WWF History: WrestleMania 9

Hogan pins Yokozuna, Undertaker gets a "Giant" opponent and Jim Ross wears a toga. Welcome to 'WrestleMania IX'!


On April 4, 1993, World Wrestling Federation (WWF) held WrestleMania IX at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, the first time the annual pay-per-view (PPV) event had been held outdoors.

Where to start?

The obvious headline coming out of "Sin City" was Hulk Hogan's win over Yokozuna, which came just minutes after the big man won the WWF Championship from Bret Hart. That led to the big controversy about Hulkster dropping the strap to "The Hitman" at a later event (which he didn't) and instead turned it back over to Yokes.

There was also the travesty that was Giant Gonzales vs The Undertaker. Forget about the match, who in the hell green-lit that spray-painted bodysuit? And they even gave it a big brown butt crack. It was horrific. So was poor Jim Ross in his toga.

Ceasar's Palace, toga, get it?

I'll give Lex Luger a pass for his Narcissist gimmick because he at least had some buxom babes accompany him to the ring. Hachi Machi! Check out some highlights from WrestleMania IX ...

Where do you rank WrestleMania IX against the other 27?


And now, from the desk of our CSS Senior Editor, for your viewing pleasure we bring to you:

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