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WWE Main Event results and live blog for April 24: Mark Henry runs the gauntlet

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Apr. 24, 2013) episode of WWE "Main Event" from London, England, featuring Mark Henry running the gauntlet.

WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Apr. 24, 2013) at 8 p.m. ET on ION Television from London, England. As per usual, this episode was taped on Tuesday prior to the SmackDown tapings.

Tonight's show features "The World's Strongest Man," Mark Henry, being forced to run the gauntlet. Outside of an interview with Jack Swagger, literally the entire show centers around Henry and his having to have multiple matches.


Come back here at precisely 8:00 p.m. ET for complete results and the running live blog, which will start right below this line. Hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience.



C. J. Bradford here for your midweek fun!


I'll admit, that one is going to need a little work.


JBL in the ring to welcome us to Main Event.

And he is still a wrestling god. His words, not mine.

Tonight, JBL is going to make sure the show starts out on fire. And he will be bringing out one of the most impactful wrestlers in WWE history. Someone who has made his impact known to a "Celtic Warrior."

Recap of Henry wrecking Sheamus on SmackDown and Monday Night Raw.


JBL asks the arena to give a warm, London welcome to the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry!

Crowd: "Boo!"

Out come Henry to the ring.

JBL says he has never seen anyone decimate Sheamus quite like what Henry did.

JBL: "That's what you do!"

Henry: "That's what I do."

JBL: "That's what you do!"

Henry: "...are you making fun of me?"

JBL backtracks. He says they both are Texas boys, and he is Henry's biggest fan. And tonight, he wants to see Henry fight on Main Event.

Henry agrees.

JBL says that is why he is Henry's biggest fan. He never back down from a fight. But plenty of people have been in one-on-one matches.

Henry suggests two men.

JBL loves it! However, The Big Show did that recently.

Henry: "Are you saying I'm not as great as The Big Show?"

Crowd: "YES! YES! YES!"

Henry does not like what JBL is saying. So he wants to take on three WWE Superstars!

JBL says three would be incredible. But...

Think about what people would say if he took on four!

If Henry can do that, everyone would have to give him respect.

Henry wants JBL to take his hat and get out of the ring.

Because he will take four!

Because that is what he do!

Henry calls out to the back, waiting for his first opponent.

And it's The Usos!

Shame they weren't later. Their entrance would have given Henry plenty of time to rest.

Mark Henry vs. Jimmy Uso (Match One)

Both men circle before Henry charges and knocks Jimmy down. He puts Jimmy into the corner before delivering the big boot.

Jimmy is slow to get up. A forearm to the head and a World's Strongest Slam later, and Jimmy is done.

Mark Henry wins via THAT'S WHAT HE DO!

Mark Henry vs. Jey Uso (Match Two)

Jey flies into the ring and lands a few body blows before Henry tosses him across the ring. He lands a clothesline, and Jey has no idea where he is. A big headbutt leaves the Uso on the mat.

Henry presses down with his foot, telling Jey to look at his brother. A few forearms, and Henry goes for the WSS...

But Jey wiggles free! He hits the superkick! Henry stumbles to the corner.

A big butt to the face from Jey!

Only gets a two count.

Henry is slow to get to his feet. Jey attacks, but Henry is able to reverse into a suplex.

Jey wonders around the ring...

Right into a World's Strongest Slam.

Henry presses down with his hands, and that gets him the three count.

Mark Henry wins via THAT'S WHAT HE DO!

And out comes...

Santino Marella!

Mark Henry vs. Santino Marella (Match Three)

Santino rolls forward and kicks out his leg. He stands up and throws out a few more kicks to keep Henry back.


Henry pulls back a punch and Santino cowers.

Very odd.

Henry is tired of this. A kick to the gut is quickly followed by a headbutt. Henry lands a knee to the back before mouthing off at the crowd some more.

Santino crawls to the ropes. Henry steps on his chest, his entire body crushing the little guy. He stands Santino up, pulls back...

Huge punch to the dome!

But Santino kicks out!

Henry goes to work on Santino in the corner. He keeps mouthing off to JBL, making sure the fellow Texan is watching.

Santino is whipped post to post. Henry meanders over. Santino lands a few body blows, but Henry shrugs them off and sends Santino flying to the opposite corner. And flying again!

Henry tries to drop the elbow...

But Santino rolls out of the way!

Henry swings again, but Santino ducks and does the splits! He goes for the hip toss...

But Henry stands strong and lands a clothesline.

That failed miserably.

Henry charges for the splash, but Santino ducks out of the way. Out comes the Cobra...




Henry sends Santino ding out of the ring on his kick out.

Santino charges up to the top rope...

And flies right into a WSS.

That is good for the three count.

Mark Henry wins via THAT'S WHAT HE DO!

And lucky opponent number four is...

The Great Khali.


Mark Henry vs. The Great Khali (Match Four)

The two big man stare down before locking up. Neither gains the advantage, and they break.

Henry goes for the heavy rights. He backs Khali up, before the Indian Superstar lands his own rights followed by the big chop.

Henry stumbles to the corner. Khali lands a few kicks before calling for the big chop.

For some reason, the crowd loves it.

Khali tries to go back to the well with the big boot, but Henry ducks out of the way. A kick to the hamstring drops Khali to the mat.

Henry drops the elbow and shows off his technical skills by working on the knee. Khali is finally able to fight him off with a punch to the dome.

Henry backs up and goes for the splash...

But Khali rolls out of the way!

Henry makes it back to his feet. He charges, but meets Khali's elbow. He charges again, but this time eats a boot.

Khali lands the big chop to the dome! Henry is still on his feet! Khali lands it again!

And Henry is down!

But Henry kicks out at two!

Khali is stunned!

He is calling for the Punjabi Plung! Henry makes it to his feet. Khali wraps his hands around Henry's neck...

But Henry reverses into a WSS!

But Khali kicks out at two!

Henry is not happy!

Khali is leaning in the corner. Henry charges, but eats an eblow. He charges again, but eats a big boot.

Khali lands another chop to the dome!

Henry rolls out of the ring for a breather.

And by breather I mean he's taking the ten count and the loss.

The Great Khali wins via stupid ending is stupid


Recap of Triple H Pedigreeing Paul Heyman on Raw.


Matt Striker standing on the ramp to introduce a Real American, Zeb Colter!

Crowd: "Boo."

Striker informs Zeb the World Heavyweight Championship match is a Triple Threat Match. He wants to know how Swagger will deal with the lower chances of winning.

Zeb doesn't care for your fancy math. Swagger is like America, surrounded by enemies.

But he will continue to stand strong.

Zeb does not like how Alberto Del Rio squirmed his way into the title picture. And he promises Dolph Zigglers reign will be a short one.

Like Thomas Paine -- a man who was born in England, but left since he had good sense -- said, "What we obtain too cheap, we value too lightly."

He botched that in so many ways it makes my Political Science degree cry.

Zeb wants to know what type of man dies his hair blond? Why, a man of peculiar and questionable morals.

I think that was a very polite gay joke.

Zeb informs us Swagger and Del Rio will be facing off in a No Disqualification match this Friday.

Out comes Swagger!

"We the People! We the People! We the... et cetera, et cetera, et cetera."


Recap of Ryback getting Triple Powerbombed on Raw.


Recap of The Shield vs. Hell No & The Undertaker.

Michael Cole hypes The Undertaker vs. Dean Ambrose on SmackDown.


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