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WWE/TNA Week in Wrestling: Apr. 14th to Apr. 20th

Catch up on all the results from WWE and TNA television shows with the latest Cageside Seats Week in Wrestling!

Ryback continued his path towards the darkside last week.
Ryback continued his path towards the darkside last week.
Photo by Anton Jackson of Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.

Hello, Cagesiders! Welcome to the Cageside Seats Week in Wrestling once again!

What happened last week? Find out below, Cagesiders.


Raw (Apr. 15th)

  • Randy Orton & Sheamus defeated The Big Show in a Handicap match when Orton pinned Show with the RKO.
  • 3MB called out The Shield in an interview with Josh Matthews.
  • 3MB continued their complaining about The Shield in the ring after a commercial break. Surprisingly, Brock Lesnar was the one to shut their mouths, destroying the trio with F-5s. Paul Heyman then announced that Lesnar wanted a rematch with Triple H at Extreme Rules in a steel cage.
  • In a WWE United States Championship match, Kofi Kingston pinned Antonio Cesaro with the Trouble in Paradise to become the new champion.
  • World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler gave an interview bragging about his recent accomplishments and proclaiming that no-one is good enough to take the title off him. Alberto Del Rio then came out to cash in his rematch clause, which was approved by Vickie Guerrero. But before the match could officially start, Jack Swagger ambushed Del Rio and took him out with the Patriot Lock.
  • Team Hell No defeated The Primetime Players when Daniel Bryan pinned Darren Young with a top rope flying headbutt.
  • Ryback cut a great promo where he complained that being John Cena's friend doomed him to always live in his shadow and called himself the Kryptonite to Cena's Superman. But now he's wised up that Cena was too busy designing his latest T-shirt to have his back against The Shield.
  • R-Truth pinned Wade Barrett with a DDT.
  • With Alberto Del Rio out of action, Team Brickie needed to find a replacement opponent for Dolph Ziggler. Teddy Long had the answer, what about Jack Swagger? Brad & Vickie approved this idea.
  • Team Rhodes Scholars defeated The Great Khali & Santino Marella when Damien Sandow rolled up Santino for the pinfall victory.
  • Then we had more Fandangoing craze shenanigans when he was interviewed by Jerry "The King" Lawler. Lawler soon hit the bricks when Fandango interrupted his questions and requested a dance with him. Fandango quickly followed suit when the crowd couldn't pronounce his name properly.
  • John Cena told Matt Striker that he would sort out his business with Ryback later.
  • In a non-title match, Jack Swagger pinned Dolph Ziggler with a hotshot and a roll up. After the match, Del Rio got his revenge on Swagger by locking an arm bar on him on the stage.
  • Mark Henry laid out Sheamus in the back.
  • CM Punk walked out on WWE, claiming that he had nothing left to do here after his long WWE title reign and WrestleMania 29 match with The Undertaker.
  • Teddy Long and Booker T were arguing backstage. Long thought Jack Swagger should be the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Title, but Booker made the obvious Triple Threat match (Swagger vs. Del Rio vs. Ziggler) for Extreme Rules.
  • Nikki Bella "defeated" Kaitlyn when the Bella Twins switched places and Brie Bella surprised Kaitlyn with a roll up.
  • John Cena had an in ring confrontation with Ryback. Cena told Ryback to his face that he wasn't scared of him and was upset that he had to attack him from behind. Cena stared Ryback down while he looked ready to start a brawl, but Ryback walked away before Cena could pull the trigger on it. The Shield then attacked Cena while Ryback just stood by and watched. They completed the destruction of Cena with a triple team powerbomb as Ryback walked up the ramp way.

NXT (Apr. 17th)

  • Leo Kruger submitted Justin Gabriel with an inverted key lock submission.
  • A WrestleMania Axxess segment aired that focused on the activities of the stars of NXT, most notably The Shield and Big E Langston.
  • Paige threatened to break all the bones in Summer Rae's body during an interview with Renee Young, before Rae sneak attacked her from behind.
  • A Corey Graves vignette aired where he discussed how his father used to tell him that "everyone is destined to lose and born to fail."
  • Emma submitted Bayley with an Indian deathlock.
  • Bray Wyatt squashed Yoshi Tatsu with two swinging reverse STO finishers. Afterwards, Wyatt stroked Tatsu's hair, whilst sending a message to everyone in the back that he is the "eater of worlds" and that "no man on two feet is greater than" him.
  • Seth Rollins pinned Corey Graves in a Lumberjack match when Dean Ambrose clotheslined Graves on the apron while the referee was distracted by Roman Reigns taking on the lumberjacks by himself, which allowed Rollins to hit the match winning Skywalker (a standing shiranui).

Main Event (Apr. 17th)

  • Justin Gabriel won a Battle Royal to become the number one contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship after he eliminated Primo. The match also featured The Great Khali, Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Santino Marella, Epico, The Usos, Alex Riley and Yoshi Tatsu.
  • Michael Cole read a personal statement from Paul Heyman that proclaimed that the WWE Universe should not focus on CM Punk's actions, but on Triple H failing to accept Brock Lesnar's challenge.
  • Wade Barrett gave a snarky interview with Matt Striker saying that he'll take care of R-Truth soon enough, but first he'll take down Justin Gabriel.
  • In a WWE Intercontinental Championship match, Wade Barrett pinned Justin Gabriel with the Bull Hammer after a rake to the eyes.

Superstars (Apr. 18th)

  • Tons of Funk defeated Primo & Epico when Brodus Clay pinned Primo after the double team Call My Momma splash.
  • Natalya submitted Tamina Snuka with the Sharpshooter.

Smackdown (Apr. 19th)

  • Fandango started the show by attempting to seduce Lillian Garcia, but he soon soured on her when he tried to dance with her. Santino Marella then came out to defend Lillian's honour and show off his own dance moves, which led to...
  • Fandango pinning Santino Marella with his reverse STO finisher.
  • Booker T told off Teddy Long for coming up with ideas on his own and not passing them onto him for approval on Raw. Big Show then entered into the scene and thanked Long for giving him a tag team partner tonight, before giving Long a fist bump, upsetting Booker further.
  • In a non-title match, WWE United States Champion Kofi Kingston pinned WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett when Kofi surprised Barrett with a roll up.
  • Sheamus ambushed Mark Henry while he was being interviewed.
  • Alberto Del Rio pinned Jack Swagger with a small package.
  • The Shield cut a promo where they claimed Ryback didn't help John Cena on Raw due to a desire for self-preservation and that The Undertaker had the same look of fear and his time was up.
  • The Great Khali, Natalya & Hornswoggle defeated Primo, Rosa & Epico when Khali pinned Epico with the Punjabi Plunge (a tree slam).
  • The Big Show & Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton & Sheamus when Show pinned Orton with a chokeslam.

Saturday Morning Slam (Apr. 20th)

  • In a match booked by Saturday Morning Slam GM Mick Foley, Kofi Kingston pinned Justin Gabriel with the SOS. After the match, the two babyfaces shook hands.
  • Epico, Primo & Rosa Mendes were being interviewed by Natalya where they complained about being disrespected by Mick Foley who keeps putting them in with shoddy opponents like The Great Khali. Rosa then dressed down Natalya, which led to the Hart Diva to challenge them to another six person mixed tag match with her two boys Khali and Hornswoggle for next week's show.

TNA Impact Wrestling (Apr. 18th)

  • In a recap from last week, Jeff Hardy was shown being stretchered out following his Full Metal Mayhem match with Bully Ray, while Hulk Hogan looked on fighting back the tears.
  • Devon told Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco not to take their handicap match with Kurt Angle too lightly.
  • In a handicap match, Wes Brisco & Garrett Bischoff defeated Kurt Angle when D'Lo Brown tossed Bischoff a chain while Mr. Anderson distracted the referee, which allowed Bischoff to punch Angle with the chain for the pinfall victory. After the match, Brisco & Bischoff hit Angle with a double team powerbomb and Anderson laughed in Angle's face, gloated about Sting's disappearance and Jeff Hardy's destruction last week, and wished AJ Styles good luck in his match against James Storm later.
  • Kenny King retained the TNA X Division Championship by stealing a pinfall on Xema Ion in a three-way match that also included Petey Williams.
  • Brooke Hogan wished both Miss Tessmacher and Mickie James luck in their match later tonight to determine the new number one contender to the TNA Knockouts Championship. Tessmacher returned the favor by wishing her the best in getting over Bully Ray.
  • A match between Magnus and Devon never got started as Doc and Knox jumped Magnus during his ring entrance. Devon hit Magnus with a chain and his Aces & 8s henchmen then planted the babyface with a double team chokeslam. Samoa Joe then came out and made the save.
  • There was a video package of Velvet Sky that showed how she had injured her left knee when Gail Kim hit her with a gut buster two weeks ago.
  • In a number one contender match for the TNA Knockouts Championship, Mickie James pinned Miss Tesssmacher.
  • AJ Styles was brooding, while Christopher Daniels and Kazarian stalked him and were acting like he was about to join Bad Influence.
  • Joseph Park was talking to someone from the Park, Park & Park law firm when Devon stole his mobile phone. Bully Ray then attacked Park from behind, ordered him to stay out of their business and with Devon's help dragged him into the showers, rammed him into the wall and turned the water on.
  • Mickie James thought it's about time that she got some respect in this company for coming back from injury and working her ass off.
  • James Storm had tried talking to AJ Styles, but he won't respond, so it's time to kick some sense into him.
  • Bad Influence claimed that AJ Styles was very close to joining their group and wanted a tag title shot against new champions Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Former champions Austin Aries & Bobby Roode interrupted and squabbled with Daniels & Kazarian over who deserved the opportunity. The champions eventually turned up, which led to Bad Influence leaving the ring, while the Mexican Americans quickly took care of the Dirty Heels.
  • Matt Morgan recapped all of Hulk Hogan's recent mistakes.
  • In a TNA Television Title match, Devon pinned Samoa Joe when Mr. Anderson hit Joe with brass knuckles while Wes Brisco distracted the referee. After the match, Anderson got in another brass knux shot in on Joe.
  • AJ Styles submitted James Storm with a new finisher similar to a heel hook. After the match, Bad Influence raised Styles' hand in victory, but he attacked them and walked away from the ring. Aces & 8s then came down and assaulted Daniels, Kazarian and Storm. AJ clearly didn't care, as he kept on walking. Bully Ray then cut a promo placing the blame directly on Hulk Hogan's shoulders for all the fans' TNA heroes being turned into victims.

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