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On This Date in WWE History: Undertaker and Kane defeat Edge and Christian to win the tag team titles on Smackdown

On this date in WWE history, the "Brothers of Destruction," Kane and Undertaker, defeated Edge and Christian to win the tag team titles for the very first time in their careers.

Ah, the "Brothers of Destruction."

Yes, Undertaker and Kane have teamed together nearly as many times as they've feuded throughout their decades long careers and on this date in WWE history, they won the tag team titles for the very first time as a team by defeating Edge and Christian (marking their last run as tag champs) on the April 19, 2001 edition of SmackDown.

The catalyst for this was an ongoing feud between 'Taker and "The Big Red Monster" and Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H, who were teaming together under the moniker, "The Two Man Power Trip." Earlier in the night, Kane was placed in a match for his Hardcore title (remember that awesome belt?) against Rhyno, who was rolling with Edge and Christian, by Commissioner William Regal.

Thanks to interference from Austin, "The Game," Edge and Christian, Kane lost his title Rhyno at the top of the show. This led to various backstage skits showing Undertaker and Kane lighting shit on fire to get Regal to give them what they wanted, which was a tag title match against E&C and a match against "The Rattlesnake" and Triple H.

Regal granted them the tag title match for later in the night with the added stipulation that if they won, they would also get booked for a match against "The Two Man Power Trip" at Backlash just 10 days later, which is exactly what happened. And considering the fact that Austin was the WWE champion and Triple H was the Intercontinental titleholder, every major belt at the time was involved in this one match.

Talk about top of the food chain.

Watch the match below, which wasn't bad but featured some terribly silly psychology like false tags for a match that was no disqualification.

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