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Editable comments are now live

You wanted editable comments, and now you've got them.

Mick Foley approves
Mick Foley approves
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

There's no longer any need to continue organizing your march on Cageside Seats headquarters, folks. Put away your pitchforks and will someone please let that crazy guy know he can stop shouting "EDIT OR RIOT" now? Thanks.

From the fine folks at SB Nation, we bring word that editable comments are here:

Editable Comments are now live on all SB Nation sites. Try it out here or on your favorite SB Nation site. To read more about it, check out the post from Tuesday.

If you notice any bugs with the new capabilities, please send a note to and be sure to include your system specs: hardware, OS, browser, etc. We'll work to address them as quickly as possible.

Go ahead and have fun trying this out in the comments section below and, as stated above, if you run into some issues, please let our Support team know about it. They'll be able to get the technical wizards on the case to get everything running nice and smooth.


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